For the love of Kate

Soooo, did you know that there was a Kate Spade sample sale yesterday? I hope that you didn’t, just so you didn’t go through the same TORTURE that I did.

Just FYI, I’m in love with Kate Spade New York. The whole brand just speaks to me. That whole life they’re selling? I would like to buy it.

I’ve been an email subscriber to KSNY for a while now, and I’ve browsed through a couple of sample sales.

I dread getting the Kate Spade sample sale emails, but I also experience something I can only describe as a brief, fleeting moment of euphoria as I click over to the sale page, put in my email and wait for the purses to load. Because one day Kate Spade is going to have the purse I want. In the colour I want. On sale for less than $200 dollars. And then I’m going to buy it and I’m going to raise my fist and hold it aloft, just like Bender at the end of the Breakfast Club.

And when I receive my beautiful purse, I will stroke it and try it with different coats and maybe I’ll just look at it, my heart bursting with happiness that I finally have my Kate Spade purse.

I flirted with the Bixby Bag. But decided it was ultimately too summery for full year use.

Kate Spade handbag

Kate Spade handbag (see more shoulder bags)

I lost the Karen. I checked my email in the morning, saw it, loved it and was going to buy it. I waited until I got to work to put in my credit card information and alas, it was not to be. It was sold out. That was a very bitter day.

Kate Spade bag

Kate Spade bag (see more nylon bags)

But yesterday, you guys…yesterday I found the KSNY purse I want. I know now. The Wellesley Small Madea. It is perfection. Structured dome shape, pebbled leather, 14K gold plated hardware. It is the purse I’ve been waiting for for a long time. If this purse was a Beatles song, it would be Long Long Long.



And I didn’t buy it. You know why? Because of the darn colour. They only had modern red and ochre (a yellow that isn’t quite mustard). I wasn’t crazy about them anyway but I thought the red was doable. But then I started googling obsessively in order to see pictures of how the bag hangs, and the length of the handles and lo, there are other colours of the bag. Beautiful colours. Hot flamingo. Orchid. Cream. Belize.

I cannot in good conscience purchase my bag in one of those pretty but reminds me of a hotdog colours when I know that somewhere out there a more beautiful colour exists. I just can’t. So I didn’t. My heart is a little sore, but not broken.

Some day my dream will come true, you guys. I just know it.

And to Kate Spade New York, if you are listening? I will take a Wellesley Small Madea in Hot Flamingo, Orchid, Cream or Belize.


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