Pop Culture Debate

This past weekend Steph and I watched Love Actually together. And by together, of course, I mean we were in our respective houses hundreds of kilometres apart watching the same thing and chatting about it. Love Actually became one of my favourite Christmas movies the first time I saw it. It’s so charming and I love a cutesy love story and an ensemble cast. There are truly dozens of things to actually love (see what I did there?) about this movie, here are some.

Hugh Grant being charming and self deprecating and dancing, horribly though number 10 Downing

Jump for love!

Colin Firth at is adorable, love lorn best

I speak really bad Portuguese, but I love you.

Emma Thompson being so incredibly talented. Seriously, how does she do this?

Joni Mitchell taught this cold English wife how to feel

This coat

If you can't say it at Christmas, when can you, eh?

Laura Linney makes out with this guy. Every time I think: Don’t answer the phone Laura Linney! Please, please have sex with this nice man! I know you love your brother, but please you deserve this! It never happens though.

Everything Bill Nighy does

Doon't buy drugs kids. Become a rock star and people will give them to you for free

Also, Christmas lobsters.

Isn’t that all awesome?! Of course it is. Sadly, there is a debate

He is Mark and she is Juliet. Juliet is married to Peter and Mark is Peter’s best friend. We are led down the primrose path to believe that Mark kind of detests Juliet and can barely stand to be around her. This makes Juliet very sad, while Peter apparently seems to have no idea what is going on. It turns out, however, that Mark is cold and stand-offish because he’s totally in love with Juliet. The big climax comes in this scene.

Without Hope or Agenda

My viewing of this has always been that Mark just wanted to be honest with Juliet and make sure she knew that he didn’t hate her. He wanted her to know how wonderful he thought she was. His little fake carolling cue card show was a way to finally let go of his rather inappropriate feelings and then move on. Juliet on the other hand, she was just flattered that this (totally cute) guy thought she was so great. The kiss? Ok, maybe it’s a little intense for a ‘thank-you’ but I want to believe that’s all it was. That after this Mark moved on and found someone wonderful (who wouldn’t wear a belly shirt in December!) and Juliet and Peter had a happy marriage and the three of them lived happily ever after.

Steph and the other hand, her reaction goes like this:

“What?! No! How manipulative! You’re both assholes! AND CHEATERS!!”

So, the question dear readers is this: Who is right? Tell me what to think!


One response to “Pop Culture Debate

  1. stephaniegal

    Hmmm. I’m still right! 😉

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