Gift Guide: Coworkers

Soooo, how was everyone’s weekend!? Mine was fab – birthday celebrations with my guy, viewing christmas lights, watching movies, hanging out. Pretty relaxing. Irene had a fab weekend too, catching up with the talking birds. (I am pouting right now because I live too far away to see them all).

Did you guys buy anything!? I didn’t. I need to live vicariously through someone, so someone needs to tell me about all the pretty things they bought. Also…who has started Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Festivus shopping? I have not. I don’t usually start until December 23rd or so, because as I’ve mentioned, I commute. But I usually have a pretty good plan!

The plan is key. Or else you wind up, as one of my lovely and hilarious friends told me once, wandering aimlessly around the mall at 6 PM on Christmas eve and you buy your Dad an oven mitt and a boxed set of the Gilmore Girls* because its so hot in here and if you hear Paul McCartney sing about ‘simp-ly hav-ing a won-der-ful chris-mas-time’ ONE MORE TIME you will actually just quit your life and move away to a tropical island.

It’s true. Most of my major meltdowns in life have been in a shopping mall at Christmas. We are all supposed to meet at the lottery booth at 7 and its now 7:36 AND WHERE IS EVERYONE, I’M HUNGRY AND WHY IS IT SO HOT IN HERE AAAAH PAUL MCCARTNEY AGAIN I QUIT MY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!

Thus, the plan. Over the next couple of days we will have a few gift guides for you, so you can get some cute ideas and avoid quitting your life. Hopefully I can also take my own advice.

Today – your coworkers!

Gifts for Coworkers

I usually only give gifts to coworkers that I am very close with, or a boss. I keep gifts to my coworkers small – under $10. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. Nothing personal (so no perfume, makeup or grooming products), and nothing potentially offensive. I like pretty ornaments that could go on a tree or in a window, fancy pens, interesting tea mugs, or fun notebooks. All useful or if not useful or wanted, can be easily re-gifted.

*And Dad, I promise you better gifts than an oven mitt and the boxed set of Gilmore Girls


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