Don’t Make Blanche’s Mistake

And for once we aren’t referring to her promiscuous life-style.

Yesterday Steph gave us some good ideas for what to buy for our co-workers. Today, I have been tasked with suggestions for the most important people in our lives: Our friends. ‘Gasp’ I’m sure a lot of you are saying, ‘my family are the most important people in my life.’ And, yes fine, we love our families. But, when it comes down to it, your family are bound by morals and DNA to love you, no matter what kind of last minute as-seen-on-tv piece of crap gift you get them. They can’t get out of it. Our friends on the other hand? They can,and if they’re anything like me, totally will drop you like a pair of nasty hot pants if you get them a bad gift. Remember when Blanche got the girls a home made calendar “The Men of Blacnhe’s Boudoir”?

Things were really touch and go there for a while. Dorothy Zbornak does. not. play. When it comes to gift giving. Don’t let that be you. Your friends are there to hold your hair while you puke at the bachelorette party of that girl you both totally hated in high school anyway. They bring you ice cream when some jerk breaks your heart. They tell you when, yes, those pants really, really do make your ass look fat. They deserve something nice.

It’s likely your friends will want to get you something too, since I assume you wouldn’t be friends with people who suck. So, it’s important to keep in mind the budget of the friend you’re buying for. If your best friend is a struggling grad student and you’re an doctor, don’t be a jerk and buy her a $500.00 handbag. Because, while I’m sure she would totally love a $500.00 handbag, she will also feel like an ass when she gives you an H&M scarf. Not that H&M scarves aren’t awesome, but you get the point, don’t make your friend feel bad. My go to gifts for friends are accessories. They’re very functional, literally everyone wears some kind of accessory, and you can really tailor they style to the person you’re buying for to show that you put some thought into it. I also buy people a lot of books. It’s the curse of our profession to be constantly suggesting reads, we can’t help it, but if you’re good at it people really appreciate it. It’s a nice gesture to share something you really love with people. Or to be engaged with them and their personalities enough to find something you think they will really love. Also, home accessories are lovely. I don’t need to explain why. Everyone loves a great set of book ends or a fancy vase. Don’t deny it. Of course, you can always get them something you know they love. Their favourite perfume, or lotion that they might not indulge in themselves etc.

the gift of friendship


One response to “Don’t Make Blanche’s Mistake

  1. Lisa

    The book ends! God, I love the owl book ends. They are so unique and add a little funk to a traditional wood book shelf. I would also like that watch, in case you are wondering (my birthday *is* coming up).

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