Gift Guide: Moms

Up next in the gift guide extravaganza is Moms! Moms are the best. They give birth to you, raise you, and support you when you make terrible decisions that you can’t be talked out of, and then support you when you are like THIS WAS THE WORST THING I EVER DID.

So, what I’m saying is get your Mom something nice – whatever it is she likes. If she likes kitchenware, get her some nice kitchenware to add to her collection. If she plays golf, get her a cute golfing outfit. My Mom LOVES jewellery, clothing, scarves, stationary – basically anything pretty (I wonder where I get that from!?) so you know, I go with that.

But if you are really stuck for ideas, here are some cute things I think any lady would love:

Gift Guide Moms

1. Wallet – Kate Spade
2. Earrings – Kate Spade
3. Quilted Tote – Vera Bradley
4. Necklace – Kate Spade
5. Scarf – Amazon
6. Passport set – Modcloth
7. Watch – Michael Kors


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