There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

Sisters are the worst. For some of us they’re our best friends. For others they can be our greatest enemies. More often than not at one point or another they’re both. Terrifying as it may be we’re probably more like our sisters than we would readily admit, and because of this the expectation is that we know them really well and will get them really great gifts. All of this adds up to omg so. much. pressure.

Have a sister and don’t know what to get her? Here’s a great tip: Get her something great that you secretly want. Then secretly hope she doesn’t really want it, and in 6 weeks ask to ‘borrow’ it and never give it back. Ta-Da, you’ve given a seemingly great gift. Others around you on Christmas morning will be in awe of your thoughtfulness and skilled gift giving. You’ll be a holiday hero, damnit. And, you know, if it turns out she does want it, then you’ll just have to accept the fact that you’ve bought a successful gift and live within the boundaries of socially acceptable borrowing periods.

Seriously though, sisters are the best, so here are a few ideas we think those with DNA most like your own will love.

gift guide: sisters


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