Friday Five Obsessions

It’s Friday!! I’m so excited. And a little terrified, because I have not done a lot of Christmas shopping and that is what is happening tomorrow. I have a plan though, and I have actually bought water and snacks. Game on, you guys.

To kick off the weekend, here are some of the things I’ve been obsessed with for the last week:

friday five


1. I have been OBSESSED with pale dove-grey coats ever since I saw a woman wearing one on the bus a few weeks ago. I never thought pale grey could work, but it is such a beautiful colour. It looks amazing with almost every other single colour out there (Except brown, tan, camel or gold. Don’t even think about it.) She paired her coat with a white scarf and black mitts and it looked super sharp. So, obsession begun!

Also, how gorgeous is this coat? I am considering having it to my British relatives – that is how much I love it. And also, just FYI, on the website they have this coat in a grape purple or cobalt blue. You are all welcome!

2. LL Bean Deerfield Equestrian Boots. I have a problem with my “athletic” calves so I have high hopes for these. I ordered them and they’re at my parents house, just waiting for me to come home at Christmas. I love them with pretty much my whole heart so I really hope that it won’t be broken if these don’t fit my calves.

3. I need glitter cap toe shoes. Or patent leather cap toe shoes. Love!

4. I want this dress. I love the ruffles. I have nowhere to wear it but that is okay, right? December is 6 months to my birthday, so I can call it my half-birthday dress! And we all know that you have to get a fancy dress for your half-birthday! That is a thing. A legitimate thing.

5. I don’t often wear dangly earrings but I love these! Love! So much sparkle and purple.

Now, tell me your obsessions! If we can’t go shopping together, this is the next best thing.


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