Let’s Talk About Me

We woke up this morning to see that our friends over at love letters to strangers had nominated us for the versatility in blogging award. Thanks ladies!

Instead of coming up with 15 of our own blogs to link to we’ll totally cheat and link back to the birds and their faves .  For fun though, and because I’m a total narcissist, I’ll actively participate in the ‘talk about yourself’ portion of the process.

  • Steph and I are best friends who haven’t seen in each other in person is nearly 4 years. It’s totally possible that we don’t even like each other any more. Or that she’s had so much plastic surgery that I would no longer be able to pick her out of a line up.
  • I like dogs better than people. I’m of the opinion that pretty much any dog is exponentially better in every way than any person. So yes, what I’m saying is that I like a dog I’ve never met better than I like most of my friends. Or you. Sorry.
  • I have a problem in that I will buy the same item of clothing multiple times, most often it’s not even on purpose. For example I have at least 4 black cardigans, 3 red ones, three pairs of black wedges, the exact same H&M dress in three colours, two black blazers, countless shapeless stripey t-shirts and I think 3, maybe 4 dolman sleeved wide knit sweaters. Even though I have multiples of all these things, and many more, if I can’t find the one I’m looking for I will flip my lid and not relax until I lay my hands upon it!
  • Over the Christmas break Steph totally broke her own rule by buying a grey hat and gloves set with gold thread. Because I am what the French call a ‘complete asshole’ (I guess that’s what I’m called in English too…) I will mock her for it. For shame, Steph, for shame!
  • If you don’t drink or embrace social media, I don’t trust you. Get on board with my vices people! Enable me! Validate me! Come on!
  • Steph is literally the nicest person I know. She is also a Maritimer, meaning she swears. She swears so much. It can be confusing to have compliments and affirmations riddled with F-bombs and bitches.
  • I am not a Maritimer. I might swear more than her. I have no excuses. Get off my back, I’ll work on it.

One response to “Let’s Talk About Me

  1. Lisa

    You’re not crazy: all dogs are better than people. Ugh, sad dog eyes? Come on!

    [Maddie misses you :)]

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