We’re Taking Bets On How Long These Last

We love New Years resolutions. There is something so nice about a fresh start, and a blank slate. There is so much possibility.

Of course usually it all goes south for us on January 7th, but that is okay.The beauty of a fresh start is that you can decide to start something anytime! So you can just restart those resolutions on the 9th, and it will all work out in the end. Besides, its the journey that counts and not the end, correct? Unless you have a goal like quitting smoking or losing weight or reducing debt. Then the end is definitely more important than the journey.

Luckily for Stephanie and I, our resolutions are all about the journey!

Irene’s Resolutions:

  • I resolve to finally commit to getting my pants tailored. It turns out I have a waist to ass ratio never before seen on a human girl, which results in a lovely bunching in the groin region of pants. This especially happens with non denim based pants. Always appearing to have a weiner at work is not a cute look.
  • I resolve to stop using Jersey Shore slang in an attempt to be humourous and/or ironic. I think some people are taking me seriously. That’s unacceptable.
  • I resolve to try to be less annoyed when people claim to not know who Lisa Vanderpump, Scott Disick or Ben Flajnik are. They know. They totally know. And you know what? If you really don’t know, it doesn’t make you better than me


Stephanie’s Resolutions:

  • I resolve to keep my nails neatly manicured. No chips! Such a small thing and yet I fail at it alll the time, because I’m lazy. No more laziness! None!
  • I resolve to always make my best effort to watch the Bachelor, just so I know what eveeeeeevryone on Twitter is talking about. Seriously, our tweeps loves them some Ben Flajnik. I watched American Pickers on Monday (boyfriend choice) and afterwards I had no idea what anyone on twitter was talking about. It will not happen again!
  • I resolve to always wear clothes that make me feel fabulous.

So, what are your resolutions for 2012?


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