Martha Stewart approved (actual post here!)

Hello, lovelies! How was the first week back at work after the holidays? Personally, I am pretty happy that it is Friday.

I made my first purchase of 2012 today – a shirt printed with dogs and polka dots from Old Navy. it sounds heinous, but it is actually adorable. Which, I must be honest, is something I never thought I would say about a shirt with dogs on it.

(Somewhere at the back of my brain Molly Shannon is shouting ‘Dog SHIRT!’ Sidenote)

Anyway, I’m currently trying on outfits while watching wedding shows on TLC (as you do on a Friday night) and I stumbled across this combination – red dog shirt with lavender cardigan, belted with a gold skinny belt. I thought at first I was crazy so I googled and look! Martha Stewart approves! Lavender and red – the perfect palette for a wedding. Or a shirt and cardigan. And if Martha says its okay, it is okay.

So there we go! Just thought I would share. Have a great weekend.


5 responses to “Martha Stewart approved (actual post here!)

  1. I wish for you to post a picture. Do it. Do it right now.

    • Oh and also, while I kind of love all of those dresses, that first dress on the left of the Martha lavender and red pallette? The giant bow? The sexy sillhouette? Amazeballs. When you get married, Imma totally wear that. It should be noted I don’t care if your colour pallette turns out to be not red and lavender.

      • stephaniegal

        I love that dress too! Giant bows ARE amazeballs. And yes, I will take a picture of my ingenious combination.

  2. Jane

    LOVE this palette! But also, I have been looking at the other Martha ‘Perfect Wedding Color Palettes’, and she has some really awesome ideas! Inspiration overload!

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