Who’s Your Favourite Brad Pitt?

Have you guys seen Brad Pitt from the Palm Springs International Film Festival this past Saturday? Initially I thought, oh Brad, Scott Disick did canes last year, you don’t want to play second fiddle to the fashion whims of a Mr. Kardashian! But then I Googled it and it turns out he tore his ACL  while protecting daughter Vivienne from a fall. He hurt hisself saving his child, you guys! Cue ovary pain.

In honour of his valiant effort to save the children and make all men feel inferior at all times forever, we have constructed a lovely poll. Which Brad Pitt is the best Brad Pitt? I say Fight Club Tyler Durden Brad Pitt. I have a thing for gratuitous violence and shirtless hard bodies. Call me old fashioned, I guess. Steph says Tristan Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall . When you fall in love with someone at 13 it’s hard to deny it.  We both have a soft spot for the original Brad Pitt which is, of course, J.D from Thelma and Louise. In case these images aren’t burned into your memory, a refresher on the hottest kinds of Brad Pitts.

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2 responses to “Who’s Your Favourite Brad Pitt?

  1. Jane

    I realize in retrospect that ‘Meet Joe Black’ Brad is kind of creepy, but at the time, I wanted nothing more than to meet death in the form that gorgeous gorgeous male.

    PS: If you had ‘Troy’ as an option, I woulda’ hit that! Bronze God much?

    • stephaniegal

      What did you vote for? Meet Joe Black? We agree – totally creepy. BUT so gorgeous! He actually is like luminous.

      We thought about Troy but I actually didn’t like it soo I didn’t include it. Haha!

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