Golden Globes: Top Five Dresses

Awards season has started! We are pumped. We are laying in our supplies of sour patch kids, chips and dip, wine and chocolate. Sharpening our pencils and firing up twitter. And first up is the Golden Globes!

We didn’t think there were lots of terrible dresses. But we weren’t overwhelmed with love for them either. We were just whelmed.

See our picks for the top five dresses of the night, after the jump…

Reese Witherspoon

Hot. Girl looks fine. Also strangely like Elle Woods picked out her dress. But you know what, that is fine. Reese needs to let out her inner Elle more often because DAYUM.










Diane Lane

I’m fairly certain Diane Lane is actually a vampire or some other kind of mythical creature who actually gets younger. When she got out of the limo I actually made a little gasping noise. She’s luminous. And I don’t use that term lightly. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she has Josh Brolin with her. Guy really knows how to fill out a tux and let his lady take the spotlight. I can only hope that whatever creature Diane is that it’s the immortal kind. And that Josh is now one too. And they can go on being hot until the end of time.





Kate Winslet

I love the black and white. I love the gold. I love the 40s vibe.

This is so just refreshing and so different from the gazillion sparkly nudish silver dresses that we have been seeing for the past few award seasons.
If this dress were from a movie, I feel like Kate here would be Rebecca, of Daphne DuMaurier’s novel.










Sofia Vergara

I want to hate Sofia Vergara so bad you guys. I’m totally petty and insecure and someone as hot as her makes me nervous. I feel like she has too many advantages and it’s not fair! But she’s so funny and doesn’t take herself very seriously, and I feel like I’d really like to have a glass of wine with her and talk about boys.

plus, look at this dress. The colour is great, it’s classic and simple even with all that skirt going on. And I totally dig how she kept her hair and jewellery minimal. With a personality and body like that I imagine it’s easy to go over board. Kudos.






Evan Rachel Wood

There were two sparkly green dresses tonight – the other one graced Kelly MacDonald – but I really just love this one more. It’s ombre, it’s sparkly, and it’s green – not a colour we see a lot in awards season. And, AND the scales and feathers at the bottom of the dress render it sublime. Seriously. This is the way to do feathers. No fluffy, powdery-pink, tooth-achingly sweet ostrich feather puffs…just sleek, dark, and va-va-voom sexy.


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