I’m the New Girl

I was talking to an old room mate and current long distance friend recently when she asked me if I had been watching “The New Girl”. At that point I hadn’t seen it, but now I can say it’s my favourite new show of the season. Old roomie said that every time she watched it she got a little sad.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement for a sit-com. But wait! It made her sad to watch because Zooey Deschanel’s Jess reminds her of me!  Me! Adorable, quirky,  amazing hair having, unlucky in love Jess, who makes up songs when she’s uncomfortable and teaches music to children, reminds her of me. Jess, who has the best wardrobe in all of Television.  (Seriously, If I didn’t have this truly horrid cow lick I would get bangs just like that!) Needless to say, I am flattered. She’s always wearing great little colourful dresses and patterned skirts that she has somehow found the perfect top for. I’m terrified of printed separates because I feel like finding a great match for the other half of my body will be impossible. But not Jess, she does it every time. She’s also a fan of an adorable, yet sensible ballerina flat. There is something to be said for a girl who is confident enough to just look the fashion magazine’s all in their smug faces and just wear flats already. She tops it all off with feminine girlie details, polka dots and ruffles and bows. The result is a little bit funky and a little bit school marm. Maybe a little bit hipster and a little bit whimsical. Whatever adjectives you use, as far as I’m concerned it’s just plain awesome.

Here. Some examples of what one might wear were one to want to emulate Jess.

the new girl


One response to “I’m the New Girl

  1. stephaniegal

    I want everything!

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