Reader Questions: Accessories

You guys always have such cute accessories with the outfits you post, but I feel like when I do it it’s too much, or not enough. Help?

Accessories are the best way to really show your personality and individual style in an outfit. The same outfit can read completely differently depending on the way you accessorize it.

Let’s start with a more formal look for a night out: The LBD


The great thing about this is there is nothing that won’t ‘go’ or match. The key it to match the accessories to the event, and to choose things you love and feel like ‘you’. If you’re meeting friends for drinks at a bar you can go a little more funky and trendy like the style on the left. If you’re attending a wedding or work function you’ll want to keep it more streamlined, as on the right.

I think that accessorizing a casual outfit is actually a lot harder than a formal one. You don’t want to look like you’ve over thought it, but you also don’t want to look like you didn’t think at all.


This is an outfit I actually wore out to drinks with my old roommates this past weekend. I wore something like the accessories on the right. A stack of gold bangles, a brown leather cuff and a long gold necklace. I feel like these look casual, but also take this from just a pair of jeans and a lacy tee to an outfit that looks a little sweet and a little tough. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous I think you could try something whimsical, and colourful, like the style on the left. These pieces make this outfit a little more dressed up, and say that you aren’t afraid to tackle something bold. The outfit itself is really a blank slate so you can do almost anything and get away with it, as long as you have the confidence to wear it with pride!

If you really feel like you can’t do it on your own yet, just flip though some magazines and blogs (like us!) and copy them. As you play with them, you’ll start to develop your own accessories ‘voice’.

A final note on acccessories that I learned from Clinton Kelly of What not to Wear that I completely agree with: Dear god don’t wear those matchy matchy sets. You’ll notice that nothing here ‘matches’. They’re similar materials and textures and colours, but they certainly aren’t sets. Are you really so unimaginative and lazy that you can’t put together a necklace and bracelet without them being sold attached to the same piece of cardboard? No, you’re not. Clinton and I have faith in you.


2 responses to “Reader Questions: Accessories

  1. hildie

    If you’re worried about wearing too much or too little when it comes to accessories, stick with the solid combo of one statement piece & one complimentary piece, either around the face (necklace or earrings) & around the hands (bracelet or rings). In Irene’s awesome examples above, the jewellery combos are earrings/bracelet, necklace/ring or necklace/bracelet – usually one being louder than the other.
    If you want to go for all of the above, go subtle: stud earrings, small necklace, one bangle & one ring. It’s all about balance!

    • stephaniegal

      I’m so glad I have you two! It’s my secret shame but I only wear studs, a watch and a ring every day. I need to mix it up more!

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