Have You Posted Your Valentines Flowers to Facebook Yet? You Better Hurry or Your Friends Will Think No One Loves You

When it comes to Valentines Day there are essentially two camps. There are those among us in camp one who think it’s a commercialized nightmare, a made up nothing of a holiday that serves only to force us into buying low quality chocolates and over priced flowers to somehow prove to our loved ones that we love them. Then there are those in camp two who think all of those things, but still totally want to experience some romance today. If there aren’t roses delivered to work they will be mortified and die. These two camps can be loosely defined as: ‘Coupled’ and ‘Single’

I don’t know if we have mentioned this before, but Steph and I are best friends who are quite different human beings. She is kind and optimistic and generous. I tend to be more of a selfish doom and gloom jerk. These two character sketches may be an indication of why we fall into the V-day camps that we do. Can you guess who sits where? I’m camp one (sad singleton), she’s camp two (blissfully coupled, the jerk).

For a bit of fun, a peek at what each of us will be wearing to celebrate this day of love.

My outfit today is inspired by Smirnoff Black Vodka. Today Vodka is my boyfriend. Vodka has never let me down, or forgotten to buy me flowers. Vodka is always there for me when I need him..er, it. Sleek and black and alluring. Like vodka, if I use this outfit right it could result in all the best kinds of bad decisions. And just to keep hope alive, you wear a little lacy bit underneath. Even if nothing comes of it, you’ll feel special.


If all this fails, I will replace outfit one with outfit two.

You’ll note that the inspirational colours are the same, but vodka has been replaced by Cookie Dough*

Ice Cream

*Full disclosure – vodka won’t so much be replaced by cookie dough as cookie dough will be added to supplement vodka.

Steph will be wearing something romantic and feminine and whimsical to match her simply glowing attitude and mood. She’ll want to look adorable when she accepts her flowers at work – and then posts pictures of them to facebook. And she’ll want to be able to go from the office to date night with minimal effort! Can’t waste time going home to change, there is a night of earth shattering romance to be had!*

steph on v day

*Full Disclosure – I hate you today. Truly.

Please note that I’m not really this pathetic. It’s a Valentine’s day joke, people. However, I am wearing cute underpants. I mean, why not? Keep hope alive!


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