What I wore: Long Weekend

I had quite the busy long weekend – a fancy date, an afternoon jazz concert, coffee with a friend. Very relaxing. I’m ready to take on the next stretch of winter! Bring on Easter!

Here are some things I wore:

what i wore: afternoon jazz concert


For the jazz concert, I wanted to wear sequins because I thought they were glamorous, and jazz is totally glamorous right? No, it is not. At least not among the concert attendants in my hometown’s jazz society. I was definitely the fanciest person there, but I got away with it because my look was so low-key. (okay, it wasn’t exactly low-key but it was low-key for sequins!)

what i wore: fancy date


My boyfriend and I went out on Saturday night and ate wood fired pizzas piled with gourmet toppings and then came home and drank a bottle of red wine. We call our dress-up dates ‘fancy dinner.’ Date-night dressing is easy – you can’t go wrong with pretty heels, the classic little black dress, and some sparkly accessories.

what i wore: afternoon coffee


Coffee with a friend calls for a more casual approach. No need for sequins or heels. I wore a polka dot sweater with straight-leg jeans and an infinity scarf. Perfect for sipping chai lattes and chatting!

What did you wear last weekend?


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