Pan Am: Evening Dresses

I’m sad that Pan Am is cancelled, as ridiculous as it could be, because I really loved all the clothing. It was pretty fabulous. I blame my need for a structured Kate Spade bag on those beautiful blue Pan Am flight bags.

Did anyone see the series finale this week? So much gorgeousness – I have one word. Capelet. I have two more words: Evening dresses.

Imma be honest – I have little need in my life for either a capelet or an evening dress. But since the Oscars are this weekend, let’s talk about evening dresses!

Here are the ladies from Pan Am bringing in the New Year right! I am especially in love with Maggie’s emerald green, skin tight, strapless, sweetheart mermaid dress. Like, are you kidding me? It is just perfection…like a tall glass of bubbly.

Source: via Juliana on Pinterest


Check out some dresses, Pan Am style, that you could watch the Oscars in:

Pan Am: Evening Dresses



2 responses to “Pan Am: Evening Dresses

  1. hildie

    I’ve been behind on my Pan Am, but knowing that it’s over makes me want to finish the season. But I wanted to say, I own a capelet. I made it for a play, but that doesn’t diminish it. Or its red velvetness. I wore it to a student Opera once. I felt fancy.

    • stephaniegal

      I love capelets – they are so vintage and dramatic. It would be hard to find a place and time to wear them now among the sea of lululemons, but an opera is a good choice! You should totally wear it again!

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