84th Academy Awards: Our Best Dressed

Did you notice that the Oscars were on last night? We’ve been thinking about it all day, kids, and our conclusion is a resounding ‘meh’ and ‘oh, ok’. The red carpet coverage was lacking on all fronts. ABC essentially refused to show famous people, and the last hour of E! was still shots of people who were still on the carpet. It seems Seacrest was too shook up from his run-in with The Dictator and Kim Jong-Il to continue live interviews. What the hell?

Billy Crystal was, well, Billy Crystal. He wasn’t exactly controversial or cutting edge, which we don’t necessarily need from an Oscars host. But sometimes it seemed as though we were watching the Oscars in 1994. Next year lets get Whoopi Goldberg to host, for old times sake!

The best moment of the night was seeing that Nick Nolte (who was nominated apparently!) has turned into Kenny Rodgers. Seriously. Google Kenny Rodgers then Google Nick Nolte. They’re now the same person.

This overwhelming mediocrity didn’t end with the fashions either,sadly. The Oscars red carpet is supposed to be the absolutely most glamorous place on the planet ever. Instead last night we got a lot of 80’s prom dress, wilted chiffon and boring basics. Boo to you slacking Hollywood stylists and starlets! Let’s step it up for the 85th broadcast.

Take a look at our top five favourite gowns:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All images courtesy of instyle.com

Who were your picks for best dressed?


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