Wedding guest attire – keeping warm

Hello Darlings. Stephanie here. Hubert is resting tonight – a full day of dog wrangling and house sitting has made him extremely tired and needing to recharge with a good book. So you will have to wait until later in the week for his thoughts on formal wedding guest clothing for your boyfriend. Don’t be surprised if he suggests a monocle or a Mr. Peanut costume.

So, wedding wear! One of the questions we received was how to keep warm at an afternoon/evening affair. We’ve all been there. Spring or summer wedding and it is hot as blazes during the ceremony but after the speeches and dinner, the sun is down and there is a chill in the air. And you aren’t wearing 9 zillion layers of taffeta or a smothering polyester bridesmaid dress so you’re cold.

It’s all about the cardigan or the wrap. Keep it in your car until you need it, or just carry it around with you. It makes an excellent chair saver too.

Below are some cute ones I found – all neutral enough to go with a variety of outfits.

Shawls and Cardigans

2 responses to “Wedding guest attire – keeping warm

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  2. dalhed

    Wonderful collection…..

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