Wedding attire: Suit Up!

Greetings fashion mavens! Hubert is once again at the helm of the good ship Golden Gals to steer you through the stormy straits of wedding wear for your special fellow. Actually the straits are decidedly less stormy the more formal the wedding as there are fewer and fewer things that you are actually allowed to wear. Today’s case, the formal wedding, is just strict enough to save you from the choppy waters of too many choices but still offers you enough choices to have some fun.

Chances are your man already owns a suit and I will bet that it’s either black or navy blue (stripes optional). If you’re ok with this, then I say run with it. Since it will be quite warm and sweat is highly probable I would recommend a white shirt. It is less likely to show sweat than a coloured shirt and has the added benefit of looking hella formal (editor’s note: Hubert may well be slightly crude but he speaks the truth). Remember that fun that I mentioned earlier? This would be the time to have it! If the suit is a solid colour, why not contrast the black and white with a cool patterned tie. The choice is yours but I will leave you some of my faves for different seasons below:


Let us now put on our imagination caps and gaze at a few other possible formalwear scenarios:

#1 Your fellow doesn’t own a suit
If it’s a spring or a summer wedding this might not be a big deal (depending, of course, on how formal the couple wants you to be). At least that’s what you could be thinking. I’m telling you now as a friend (read: Internet blogger that you’ve probably never met but still looks out for you because he’s cool like that) that it is a big deal! Get the gentleman a suit post haste! Not only do you have the opportunity to shop with your guy (surely a bonding experience) but you now have the chance to influence his formal future. Traditional wisdom is that black is the most versatile colour for a suit. I have trouble arguing with that (and as Steph can attest, I love to argue whether it’s necessary or not(Ed Note: OMG SO TRUE)) so if that’s what you’re keen on then I say skip merrily down that path. If, however, you’re feeling more adventurous I highly recommend gray. There are loads of shades to choose from and you have the option of adding stripes. I am more enthusiastic about gray than sane people ought to be. See why below:

Grey Suits

#2 Your fellow doesn’t own a suit BUT he has a number of dressy separates
To this I heartily cry “HUZZAH!” Although the previous heading certainly places me solidly in the pro-suit camp I like to have options. As you well know, mixing and matching is a blast and looks awesome. Below is something close to what I wore to the last fancy dinner that Steph and I went out for. A variety of somber colours all pulled together by striped tie. Your guy will dig it.

Dark Grey Suit

#3 Your fellow is well equipped to attend a wedding but wants to try something new
If this is the case then your guy is definitely a keeper. He is also probably open to the “dress up” (as in “Let’s play dress up”) aspect of dressing up. I say let your imagination run wild! Here are a few products of my overactive imagination:

Grey Suit

3 responses to “Wedding attire: Suit Up!

  1. The Fonz

    I am highly disappointed that there was no discussion of the pocket handkerchief! Also the lack of bowties disturbs me….

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