Happy (early) Saint Patrick’s Day!

We interrupt this week of wedding attire to say Happy Saint Patrick’s day to you! Irene is 100% Irish (like you couldn’t tell!) and I am about 25% Irish, so we couldn’t let tomorrow pass without a mention.

Back in my student days, I always went out for St. Patty’s Day. I saw my first bar fight one St. Patty’s Day. I saw my first full-grown man dressed as a leprechaun one St. Patty’s Day. And then I saw him again the next year. And then the year after that. I mean, he had a giant green velvet hat, a green velvet waistcoat and tail coat, breeches and pointy shoes with square buckles.

Think about it. That is like going out dressed as the New Year’s baby on New Year’s Eve. That is total commitment. I don’t recommend you do that. Let’s face it…sadly, we are grown ups now. At least I’m a boring grown up. So, I’m going to limit the green to just a few things this year. Here are some pretty green things (the Celtic FC logo is for Hubert):

St. Patty's Day

What are your plans for St. Patty’s Day? Have fun, and have a green beer for me!


2 responses to “Happy (early) Saint Patrick’s Day!

  1. hildie

    I’m rocking a nice white shirt with bright green cardigan & orange necklace. My subtle homage to the Republic of Ireland flag 😉

    • stephaniegal

      oooh, sounds excellent! I actually don’t own any green things…except a teal blouse. Does that count? I’ll wear it tomorrow anyway!

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