Wedding Attire: Night and Day

We are back to weddings this week! Last week we talked about all the accoutrements you’ll need to keep warm at those chilly evening receptions, dress code etiquette, and Hubert weighed in on casual and formal wear for men.

Today it is all about the dresses. I am going to make a huge assumption based on our  combined wedding attendance experience (which is actually A LOT of weddings) that you probably won’t be attending many black-tie or white-tie weddings this year. It is likely that most of your weddings won’t even have a stated dress code. Besides following Martha’s advice for these events, you can also take cues from the time of the ceremony, the  reception or ceremony venue, and even the couple themselves.

For less formal events, lay off the glitter, sparkle, and stiff shiny fabrics. Lace is fine, but keep it a bright colour like coral, blue or yellow. Need some ideas or inspiration? Here you go:

Day wedding dresses

For the more formal events, glitter away. Dark coloured lace, metallic embroidery, beading or sequins are all good. Ideas and inspiration below:

night wedding

2 responses to “Wedding Attire: Night and Day

  1. Hey everyone, remember me, sometimes I write this blog too…But seriously I covet that P.A.R.O.S.H dress, eventhough it’s a silhouette that looks awful on me.

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