Friday randomness

How’s your Friday? I’m watching wedding shows, eating baked cheetos and arguing with Hubert over t-shirts. Yep. T-shirts. All I need is a cat and a shirt with “I Love Justin Bieber”* painted on it with puffy paint and this party will be complete.

I had an insane week, so tonight is all about the relaxing!

I got my hair done this week. It’s red. I like it. Not a fan of the stylist though. My usual stylist left the salon so I had a new one, who was a man. Nothing against male stylists, I’ve had male stylists before so I’m cool with it. Some of my best friends are male stylists! However, I don’t think I’ve ever been called baby so much in my life. ‘Baby you look amazing’, ‘baby I’m going to make you look so good’, ‘where do you live baby, I’ll come pick you up for our next appointment’. It was a liiiittle awkward.

Confidential to all boys reading: Don’t do this. It’s creepy.

Also, it was so incredibly beautiful here this week that I had to drag out my summer clothing. I couldn’t believe it. It was like July – 30 degrees with the humidex! I’m so ready for margaritas on a patio right now. Too bad it is now supposed to snow tomorrow.

Unpacking my summer wardrobe made me realize that it is a little sparse. I have like two pairs of shorts, a sun dress, and three tops. How does that even happen!? What did I wear last summer? Clearly, this will be rectified. Maybe even starting this weekend!

So, that is my update. How was your week? What do you have planned for the weekend? Do tell all!



* This is only pathetic because I’m way too old at 28 to love the Biebs. All you young Beliebers are cool.


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