A taste of summer

Ohh beautiful summer weather! Gone before I even got to sip a corona and lime on a patio. So sad. Now it looks like its back to my parka and winter boots for a few weeks.

I’ll just have to dream of this outfit to get me through it all. You can dream of it too. While I’m dreaming, I’m going to picture my hair long and tousled and bouncy, like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Love Hewitt or Salma Hayek. It really completes the outfit, I recommend you also picture yourself like that.

summer picnic
Don’t worry, we’ll get through these last weeks of cold weather together!

5 responses to “A taste of summer

  1. hildie

    OMG – have you been on stylebop.com where this dress is for sale? IT HAS A GIANT BOW ON THE BACK.
    I am in love.
    Yet, we shall remain star-crossed lovers, as I will never pay $582 for a dress.
    Le sigh.

    • stephaniegal

      I did not see the bow…I didn’t think it was possible to love this dress more but now I do!

      I generally ignore price tags on polyvore because I’m going for a certain look, but man…sometimes its heartbreaking when you realize how much that beautiful item actually costs!

      • hildie

        I like to look at the price sometimes, just to know whether a $15 dress is as cute as a $500 one. It often is.

      • stephaniegal

        It’s true. And of course, price is a concern for me while I’m shopping, as I am sure it is for most people. I’m working on a post that will reflect that for us Canadian gals!

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