I have a secret, you guys. I’m ashamed to admit this…it really pains me. I can’t even imagine how bad you are all going to ridicule me.

I’m addicted to lip gloss. That is right. My name is Stephanie and I am addicted to lip gloss. And lip stick. And lip balm. Basically any lip product. I am powerless against its siren call. I buy them to make myself feel better when I am sad or I’ve had a bad day. I once made Hubert take me to Shoppers Drug Mart on the way to a wedding reception because I forgot my lipstick. I always carry at least five in my purse. My desk at work houses six. Every pocket in every coat and bag is crammed with lip balms and glosses.

The most shameful thing? I think I own about 20-25 lip products in total. TWENTY TO TWENTY-FIVE! What is WRONG with me!? I thought that this might be normal until I informally polled a few of my girlfriends, and apparently it is not normal. The average answer was 10. Which is still high, but nowhere near my ridiculous number.

The good thing about being an addict is that I know my lip products. Here are a few of my favourites:

Lip Product Addiction

Even with my vast collection of products, I still really want to try MAC lipglasses and Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick. And I probably shouldn’t ask you this because I’m sure you don’t want to be my enablers…but what are your favourite lip products?


4 responses to “Addict

  1. Burt’s bees is ah-mazing! I actually did a post on their lip balm the other day! Cool post btw! 😀

  2. hildie

    I carry blistex. One in the purse. One by the bed. And I have one body shop cranberry lip gloss (the type they only release at christmas) and one quo (shopper’s brand) lip stain/gloss double end stick. I like the gloss side b/c it’s also a lip plumper (it tingles), but I find the stain way too heavy.
    if I wanted a nice gloss with just a subtle tint, what would you suggest?

    • stephaniegal

      Ooh, Body Shop cranberry! I love that. I stopped buying it because I got annoyed with the pot. Very hard to reapply while out and about. Does it come in a tube now?

      As for a nice gloss with a subtle tint – I really like this: it has all the goodness of Burt’s Bees balm so your lips are all soft and moisturized, but it also has a lovely tint to it. You can layer it on sheer, or build it up for more colour. I use champagne and watermelon but I want to also get rhubarb and fig. Also a bonus – it isn’t goopy and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing lip gloss. Very light and natural.

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