How was your Easter weekend? Did you eat tons of chocolate and sleep in every day, maybe partake in an egg hunt? And most importantly, did you buy yourself a dress?

I sure did! I can’t show it to you though because it is not on the Gap’s website! I managed to buy the only item of clothing in the store that isn’t online, apparently. It is stripey and cute, and perfect for summer.

One of my favourite patterns is the stripe – be it Breton / nautical / whatever. Here is some striped dress inspiration:

stripey love


6 responses to “Stripes

  1. hildie

    I’m so happy you got that adorable nautical striped dress! It’s so you. I bought a dress, a pair of jeans AND a shirt yesterday, on top of the coat, boats & shoes I bought on the weekend. I have the buying bug. I need to get it out of my system. I just want all new speing clothes!!!

  2. Nice one girls! Who doesn’t love stripes! 🙂

    ~Natasha Fatah~

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