Give Us all the Jackets and No One Gets Hurt

At the start of last winter we did a post on coats that as far as we are concerned here at this humble little blog, went viral. It’s our most viewed post, our most popular polyvore set and our most re-pinned pin. Ya’ll love you some outerwear, is the point. So, now that it’s time to put away those heavy wool and down-filled numbers we thought we’d show you some of our faves for spring.


I love a jacket. A winter coat is a must for survival, and there are lots of awesome options, but it can be diffucult to find one that is both functional and fashionable. Plus you really only get to wear it out in the elements. A jacket or a blazer or other spring-y outerwear can really become a part of your outfit.


5 responses to “Give Us all the Jackets and No One Gets Hurt

  1. hildie

    *sigh* Just bought a beautiful 50’s styled trench coat (poofy a line skirt) and I STILL want to get another coat… something colourful. I heart coats too.

    • stephaniegal

      I think you should do it!! Hot pink would look fab on you. DO IT. I’m peer pressuring you.

      • hildie

        I bought a cherry red anorak from Joe Fresh. Cause I felt i needed something rain-proof.
        And I wanted it.

      • stephaniegal

        I approve. Also I need a cherry red anorak. I think I told you once about the fit I threw at age 7 because I was promised cherry red rain boots and the store only had rainbow ones.

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