Anyone who knows me (and I feel like we’ve been at this blogging thing long enough now to say that you know me) knows that I don’t like to make decisions. I don’t mean big life decisions. I picked a university and a career path, I’ll move cities at the drop of a hat. I just don’t like to be in charge of day to day piddly things. Where do you want to go for dinner or which movie do you want to see can literally stop me in my tracks.

Oh, I know, you must be thinking how wonderful it would be to date me or be my best friend. Ask anyone who has occupied these positions and they’ll tell you it’s downright wonderful to get to be my buddy. That is until decision time comes.

I don’t do it to be difficult, or as some weird test to see if people know what I like and will pick accordingly. It’s just that for the most part I’m wildly apathetic. I truly don’t care if we have chinese or pizza. I LOVE THEM BOTH! How could I choose? Seriously, the chinese vs. pizza debate is like Sophie’s Choice in my heart. (stomach?) I could care less if we see Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis fall in love or watch Jason Statham blow shit up. Love and explosions, they both appeal to me, so I make my loved ones choose.

So here’s the point. I have a wedding this weekend. I love a wedding. The dresses, the flowers, the romance. The potential for free booze and food and bad decsions. Sadly, attending a wedding presents me with choices I’m not prepared to make on my own. What will I wear?

I’m one of those people who likes to change between ceremony and reception. I feel like at the ceremony one should be a little more conservative and day time appropriate and the reception is a time to pull out all the stops and really pull out your nightlife attire. This wedding is at a casino so I feel like the potential for swinging nightlife dresses and jewels is off the charts.

So, dear readers, below I present to you my outfit options for this wedding. I NEED YOU TO DECIDE FOR ME.


To sleeve or not to sleeve

I love the colour and unusual silhouette of the sleevless one, but I really like the idea of a sleeved dress at the ceremony. Plus, it looks like its going to be freezeing here this weekend. Discuss.

boobs or legs?

As for the reception, these aren’t the exact dresses I own, but they’ll do the trick. My version of the blue (boobs) is actually only blue in the bust with the rest being a body hugging black pencil skirt. Ooo la la. The strapless black(legs) that I own is sort of a black and gold brocade. They both make me feel wonderful. So, I cannot decide. Boobs are legs, people. BOOBS OR LEGS?! I’m of an age that I can’t do both.

Seriously, I need you guys to do this for me in the comments


4 responses to “HELP!

  1. stephaniegal

    Cranberry Talbots for the ceremony and Gold/Black brocade for the reception! But you already knew my opinion, hah.

  2. hildie

    I have to agree with Steph; cranberry ceremony & gold brocade reception.
    If you get cold & have a sudden change of heart about the ceremony, I’ll forgive you. But you MUST wear gold brocade to a casino. It CALLS for it.

  3. I’m sorry everyone, but I went with the black and blue at the reception. Cranberry did win out at the ceremony though. Thanks for helping!

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