Beauty Product Review: MAC Studio Fix Power Plus Foundation

I wanted to love MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation SO BAD. I love MAC – I’m totally crap at picking out colours and shades, so going to a counter and surrendering myself to someone who knows what they are doing is heaven.

I want a pretty shadow that will make my green eyes pop?

Courtesy of MAC

Da Bling. Done.

I want a light, neutral pink lipstick?

Courtesy of MAC

Creme Cup. Done.

Having gone so right with the lipstick and eye shadow, my next foray into MAC was foundation.

I used to use L’Oreal Mineral Makeup powder foundation, which I loved. I switched to MAC Studio Fix because I wanted a longer lasting foundation. I found that the L’Oreal didn’t last. I applied at 7:30 AM and needed to refresh around 3 PM.

At first, Studio Fix was a dream. It covers evenly and beautifully, both with the sponge it is sold with and my own makeup brushes. I was matched to NW15, which is perfect for my skin tone. I found that it did last all day, even though I still needed to blot at mid-day. I love the way my complexion looks with the foundation – it is really smooth, even and beautiful. Like airbrushing.

Courtesy of MAC

Unfortunately, I can’t continue using Studio Fix as I’m sitting here with my face totally broken out and hurting, like actually stinging. I have some issues with my skin – nothing big, just the usual stuff: oily T-Zone, prone to hormonal breakouts, and can have an uneven tone. I never had breakout problems with the L’Oreal foundation, ever. This is my second time trying the MAC Studio Fix foundation and my second time with a totally painful breakout. The first time I broke out I suspected it was the MAC as it was more painful and severe than normal, but it could have been hormonal. I stopped using it, breakouts cleared up, so I started using it again last Sunday. I think the breakouts are definitely the Studio Fix, unfortunately.

So, I can’t recommend Studio Fix for daily use. However, I know that some of my friends use it daily with no problem, so I can’t say don’t ever buy it. Your skin may like it!

All this said, I will keep the foundation and use it for special occasions because it does provide such even and smooth coverage.

I do recommend MAC eye shadows and lipsticks, very heartily. But that is another post.


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