Updating the work wardrobe

Well! My apologies for falling off the face of the earth recently. Work, wedding planning…its all getting in the way of the fun stuff! Which is, OF COURSE, this blog and you guys!

I was in a blind panic this morning as I rushed around trying to get ready because I had nothing to wear. NOTHING!! I have like no clothes for work. How did this happen? Clearly I have been falling down on my wardrobe makeover. Why is this!? I think its because I have the attention span of a squirrel. I go to the mall with very specific objects in mind, like skinny ankle pants and an a-line skirt, and walk out with like a skillet and a pair of earrings. I also just buy things that I like with no regard as to how they will fit together. I lack cohesiveness, and thus my wardrobe is just a…chaotic mess.

Well that is sooo changing. I am going to the mall this weekend with a plan! The plan is:

1) think in outfits
2) actually buy things

So simple. Yet apparently very hard for me. I have already been buying things, so I have a head start – a teal chiffon dress, nude wedges, a coral lace top. Here are the things I still need:

1. Skinny ankle pants (two pairs)


2. blouses and tops (two)


3. a-line skirt (two)



4. dress (one)



5. lightweight cardigans (three)





So that is the plan. I’ll report back how I do!

P.S. All of these lovelies are from Jacob


5 responses to “Updating the work wardrobe

  1. Love this post. The A-Line skirt has such a nice flow


  2. I love the yellow top! And I am also in need of cardigans.
    On another note, I got my blog up, but am still trying to figure out things like menues & catagories & appearances… it’s all so confusing!

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