I’m Disappointed

If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning. Or if you’ve ever spent an afternoon getting caught up on everything we’ve written (and why wouldn’t you?), you know that I love Mad Med. Or, more accurately, I love Don Draper . I’ll admit that my access to AMC is limited and so I’ve had a hard time keeping up this season. I watched the premier a few weeks ago and was disappointed. It was slow, and lacked the usual great writting. Something about it just wasn’t as sexy and compelling. But, I told myself it was simply because there was such a long break between seasons and they were trying to bring us back up to speed on what was happening. I had nothing but high hopes for the rest of the season.

I spent last night watching the next three episodes. And what can I say besides…’eh’? Don isn’t filandering enough, Roger Sterling is taking crap from Pete Campbell, and there isn’t much awesome advertising content. Part of the greatness of this show was always the imaginative and subtley meaningful ads. There hasn’t been one shining moment of Don Draper’s legendary creativity and persuasiveness. Even the moments of great tension like Lane and Pete bare knuckles boxing in the conference room, Don hallucinating the murder of his mistress, or Joan kicking out her surgeon husband somehow felt a little flat.

Am I being too harsh? Will the next four episodes bring back my loving feeling? Am I the only one who kind of wanted Don to smoke the joint while waiting for the Rolling Stones?

PS – I get that it’s because she doesn’t want to appear to sexy and fit in with the boys, but must peggy always wear neutral coloured boxes?

Her sex appeal could actually be key to success. You know, show a little let get the client all hot and bothered. Maybe it’s not very feminist, but it would work. We’ve seen her in some cute stuff once in a while before

but this season really seems to be a desert of ugly browns and greens on ill fitting skirts and blouses

Some people have made the argument that Peggy isn’t really a sexy gal. By which they really mean Elizabeth Moss isn’t really a sexy gal. To that I say: You is wrong


4 responses to “I’m Disappointed

  1. Yes, I will admit that this season hasn’t been ‘on the edge of my seat’, like previous seasons where Don or Peggy or Pete had a deep dark secret that might be revealed, and every episode you watch people destroy their lives one moment at a time. But I’ve still been enjoying it! Megan has REALLY stolen the show for me. (Zou Bisou Bisou? C’mon!) And it’s kind of a nice change that Don isn’t philandering for ONCE. How long will it last? How long can he and Megan stay (mostly) happy?
    As for poor Peggy’s style, well, I think her character is just written that way. Just like Christina Hendricks looks like a goddess on the show, but doesn’t know how to wear her boobs in real life. Elisabeth Moss is really sexy in real life, but Peggy just can’t be bothered. She’s a busy workin’ gal!
    Anywho. Enough of my ranting. I will always love Mad Men, for better or worse.

    • You’re right. The show is still good. It’s just not as wonderful as it has been. I’ve been reading about episodes I haven’t gotten to yet, and I think it’s going to get better. This season is just taking it’s time to build steam. And you’re right about Peggy too, she doesn’t need or want to be a sex pot. I just wish her clothes fit…:(

      • I was (obsessively) watching videos of Janie Bryant (the costume designer for Mad Men) explain why she’s been dressing Peggy like a box, which is exactly like you said – she’s trying to fit into a man’s world, therefore she’s dressing like a man. But I REALLY dislike it. Could she look more frumpy? Or the un-tucked shirts are just so sloppy. I feel like Peggy would never dress that unprofessional at work. It’s like she’s given up on looking good, practically.

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