Notes on the Bachelorette (Subtitle: Leave it to Britney, Bitch!)

So, my apologies for going AWOL! Wedding planning, an extremely busy period at work, and a week long migraine (gee, I wonder what caused that!?) has meant that I’m just coming home at night, eating a bowl of cereal, heating up my magic bag and watching TV. Seriously. This is my life right now. Super glam, right?

I did manage to live blog The Bachelorette’s season premiere on Monday night, even though my horrible pounding headache meant that halfway through I hated every single person on my TV. I apologize for the lateness, but here are my thoughts:

1) Emily looked like she could was ready to strap on her skates for her free program in ice dancing. There was just so much illusion netting.

Courtesy of InStyle

And I get it, she looked all naked and sparkly. But you know what, Britney did it better!

2) One of the things I hate the most about the Bachelorette is that all the dudes look the same. On the Bachelor, I can tell who is who by thinking of them as ‘red sparkly dress’, ‘long yellow chiffon’, etc.

Remember Ashley Hebert’s season with Constantine and Ben? I actually thought those dudes were the same person for an embarrassing amount of time. Although, I admit, I miiiight have a problem paying attention. So. Maybe no one else has this problem!?

3) Everyone needs to stop it with the crazy props and “spectacular” entrances. It’s weird that you’re carrying an ostrich egg. It just is. Jillian Harris did not carry the hotdogs and ketchup with her. That right there is the key difference.

Alright. Now that I have unburdened myself of these thoughts, tell me yours!



3 responses to “Notes on the Bachelorette (Subtitle: Leave it to Britney, Bitch!)

  1. Style By Carla

    I love your second point … I also thought that Constantine and Ben were the same guy for a long time. Now, was it Ben or Constantine who became the next Bachelor … I guess we’ll never know 😉

    • stephaniegal

      How are you liking this season? So far I can’t tell anyyyyyone apart. It’s awful. I think they all got the same haircut on purpose.

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