Discussion Points: Game of Thrones

I just caught up on Game of Thrones and would like to discuss a few things:

  • I want more screen time for the direwolves. Also, I want to see Robb Stark ride Grey Wind into battle.
  • If it wasn’t for that scary Pyatt Pree disappearing and reappearing and multipling at will, who seemingly cannot be killed but loves sliting throats and mass murdering, Qarth seems like a really neat place to live. Right?
  • Sir Richard Carlisle as Jorah Mormont is no longer the only re-cast from Downton Abbey. Ygrett is Gwen Dawson, ya’ll. Her sexual harassment of Jon Snow was my favourite. Probably because I secretly kind of want to sexually harass Jon Snow. A head of hair like that does not deserve a life on the wall.
  • Osha(aka Natalia Tena, who is totally Tonks in Harry Potter) showed her boobs in a rather successful attempt to trick Theon Greyjoy. There are a ton of breasts in this show. You pretty much can’t get cast as a woman and not expect to be topless. However, I watched this episode with a boy who was over come with emotion and squealed ‘Tonks’ titties?!’
  • And finally. What the fuck Theon Greyjoy?!



2 responses to “Discussion Points: Game of Thrones

  1. OMG – I had not realized that Osha is Tonks. This completely changes the way I see her. And explains why she has a rockin’ hot body, since I totally thought she was, like, late 30’s, early 40’s. Turns out Natalia Tena is the same age as me. Whoops! That wilding make-up sure does a number on ppl, eh?
    Same goes for Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara Greyjoy. They have done her makeup to look SO UGLY, when in real life, she’s rather cute-looking. Why? Why must she look haggard all the time?

    And agreed on the titties point. I guarantee you will see Brienne’s boobs, if not this season, then next. I just wonder what they’re going to do about Sansa, who is way too young to be having boobie action, but give the show a couple seasons, and she’ll be prime age for the boob shot. Is it in her contract that when she turns 18, sh has to show the nip?

    • Ahaha, is it bad that I find it hilarous that this post is now totally about boobies? Sansa is, I think, 16 in real life which means by season 4 there will totally be some barely legal action. Is it gross that I said barely legal? Sorry. I would also like to point out that I love LOVE Brienna. That woman is 6’3″ in real life but they make her look about 7’1″. She’s amazing and I want her to kick more asses.

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