I want to look like a CUTE sweaty tomato, okay!?

Soo, I joined a gym this week. Started working with a personal trainer. Still haven’t managed to curb my pizza consumption, but you know…baby steps!

I went for my first personal training session on Monday and it was actually embarassing. I had no idea that people actually wore fancy lululemon shit to the gym! I thought everyone was in sweatpants and that ratty t-shirt you stole from your ex-boyfriend. Apparently not! So not only did I resemble a large and sweaty tomato, but I was wearing baggy soccer shorts that I bought in junior high and a baggy men’s running shirt. It was like 1994 all over again. I just need some Ace of Base and TLC on my walkman and I’ll be living the dream again.

No, what I actually need is workout gear that doesn’t make me look giant. I want to look cute while I work out. I don’t care how shallow that is.  I already resemble a large and sweaty tomato…is wearing cute workout gear too much to ask!?

cute workout gear
Also, Q: is Lululemon realllly worth it!?

7 responses to “I want to look like a CUTE sweaty tomato, okay!?

  1. I know exactly how you feel!
    The first time I went to the gym I had a t-shirt with cut off sleeves. Ugh.
    I typically stick with black tank tops & capri tights from joe fresh or old navy. It’s cheap (at least compared to lulu lemon) and pretty neutral – I generally want to fade into the background when I’m at the gym. I, too, suffer from sweaty tomato syndrome.

  2. Cute gym clothes motivate me to work out. It takes what it takes. 🙂

  3. Steph! Remember we talked about how Joe Fresh yoga pants are like, crunchy and weird? I went to Smart Set today. They have decently price yoga pants (that make bums look great) that aren’t weird feeling. Get thee to Smart Set.

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