I’m Sorry To Do This To You Again…

But, I have another wedding to go to, and this one is a doozy. It is well documented that we both love a wedding. However, I don’t really know how I feel about the heavily themed wedding. It’s a princess theme and everything is pink, and glass carriages and castles? Ew. It all just seems sort of heavy handed and unnecessary and odd. I can get behind colour schemes and recurring motifs. But to dedicate yourself to making sure every element of your wedding commits to some detached theme is just…I don’t know, icky.

The wedding I’ll be headed to in July is a 1970’s theme. Not only do I find this troublesome because of the appearance of a theme at all, but the 1970’s is truly the last decade I would like to see emulated. I can’t really think of a single of my personal fashion icons who looked amazing in the 70’s. The movies, the music, the television, none of it has every really spoken to me. So, dear readers I need you to help me figure out how I can comply with the theme (I’m not a complete wet blanket. I can see the fun here, I want to participate) while still being fashionable and true to me. I want to still feel comfortable and not feel like I’m wearing a costume.

Here, some things from the 70’s I can stand.

Things from the 70's I can stand

Top Row L to R – Allie McGraw, Vogue Magazine, Bianca Jagger
Bottom Row L –  to R Liza Minelli, 70’s bike girls – one with rooster t-shirt (!), Farrah Fawvett

So, where in the world does one go to find a modern, but somehow 1970’s inspired dress?! HELP!


5 responses to “I’m Sorry To Do This To You Again…

  1. I think you should rock the 70’s jumpsuit (also called cat suit or romper.)
    I’m talking about wide-legged flowy pants & halter top. When I google searched this, I came up with this ebay page: http://www.ebay.com/sch/sis.html?_nkw=Vintage%2070s%20Hippie%20jumpsuit%20catsuit%20Romper%20wide%20leg%20M&_itemId=350293491685

    C’mon! This is awesome!!! It’s otally glamorous, and probably the only time you can pull it off!
    I’ve seen quite a few jumpsuits at my local winners, and I believe H&M has a crop of them… you should check it out 😉

    • OMG, you mean like the one Farrah is wearing? They are kind of fabulous! I don’t know if I could pull one off…I’m certainly not opposed to trying some on and seeing how they feel though. You are definitely right that this will be my only opportunity to wear one with out looking…silly?

  2. stephaniegal

    Have you decided what to wear yet? I think you need to go for things with long, lean silhouettes. Bold, big gold jewelry with the same minimalist lines. Missoni-esque prints. Orange, gold, yellow. Flat ironed hair. Aviators.

    • I have all of those things except the dress (jumpsuit?). I really think for me to be comfortable in it and not feel like I’m over doing it it needs to be in a colour palette that I feel ok about. That’s one of my biggest problems with the 70’s as a decade. Avocado green and mustard yellow? Nah, thanks. I think I’m going to do some reconnaissance later this week…

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