Review: Essie Luxeffects – A Cut Above

Full disclosure here – I’m normally not a glitter polish fan. But I couldn’t resist this beautiful pink glitter from Essie. A cut above is described by Essie as a Shattered Pink Diamond Glitz.

Image courtesy of Essie

The polish itself is octagonal pink glitter suspended in clear polish with smaller pieces of round pink glitter. I also found that there are tiiiny red pieces of glitter that flash occasionally. You could wear the polish on its own, or layered over another polish (the luxe effect, I presume!). Essie recommends layering it with wicked, a blackish-plum, or neo-whimsical and poppy art pink, both lighter pinks.

For this week’s manicure I layered a cut above over Essie’s penny talk, which is a metallic rose gold. I got fairly full coverage with two coats of the polish, but three was pushing it in terms of thickness. I also applied two coats of a topcoat, which I found was necessary to smooth down the glitter. With the topcoat, the polish is a little gritty but smooth enough that it won’t snag on clothing. I’ve heard that removal is difficult but so far I haven’t had to try it out – it has peeled off on its own so far. Lucky me!

(Click to see it larger. And apologies for the crappy pictures. I was chasing the light and this polish is HARD to capture)

You could also use this polish as an accent only on your ring finger, as I did here, or on your thumb. I got the idea from Pinterest, and it seems even the fashion mags are getting into it now.

Paired with Essie’s Penny Talk

(Click to see it larger)

Overall, I love the polish. It is a nice touch if you want to accent one nail, and it is beautiful layered over another polish. It’s glitzy, but not discoball shiny, so it is work appropriate (at least at my work. If you are a surgical nurse or a corporate lawyer, it’s probably not going to fly). The formula is pretty good to work with, it is thick but not so thick that it is difficult to apply. Just a wee bit goopy – not enough to make it a problem. You can achieve opacity with two coats.

I would classify it as a re-buy, and I’ll probably check out the other colours in the Essie Luxeffects range.

You can pick up Essie polishes at drugstores between $8-$10 dollars.

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Things Are About to Change. For the Better. I Hope. We’ll See.

This blog was initially started as an outlet for our mutual love of fashion and pop culture. See – it says so up there in the banner. We planned to talk about, critique, and make light of movies, music, television, celebrity gossip, blah blah blah you get it. Somewhere along the line we seem to have gotten side tracked and ended up focusing almost exclusively on fashion. I love shopping as much as (more than) the next girl, and writting this blog has actually been a great out let for my shopping problem, but the insanity must stop. It’s time to start paying a little more attention to the whos and whats and holy shits of the celebrity world.

I started last week with a post about my disappointment in the current season of Mad Men – I did talk about Peggy’s clothes a little. In the future you can look forward to posts about The New Girl, HBO’s Girls, any number of Kardashians or Real Housewives, as well as whatever currently insane things Lindsay Lohan or the hot mess of the moment is up to with more of a focus on the people and stories. Maybe I’ll even post something about Kate Middleton where I don’t talk about her clothes (confession: No I won’t, that will never happen.)

Beauty Product Review: MAC Studio Fix Power Plus Foundation

I wanted to love MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation SO BAD. I love MAC – I’m totally crap at picking out colours and shades, so going to a counter and surrendering myself to someone who knows what they are doing is heaven.

I want a pretty shadow that will make my green eyes pop?

Courtesy of MAC

Da Bling. Done.

I want a light, neutral pink lipstick?

Courtesy of MAC

Creme Cup. Done.

Having gone so right with the lipstick and eye shadow, my next foray into MAC was foundation.

I used to use L’Oreal Mineral Makeup powder foundation, which I loved. I switched to MAC Studio Fix because I wanted a longer lasting foundation. I found that the L’Oreal didn’t last. I applied at 7:30 AM and needed to refresh around 3 PM.

At first, Studio Fix was a dream. It covers evenly and beautifully, both with the sponge it is sold with and my own makeup brushes. I was matched to NW15, which is perfect for my skin tone. I found that it did last all day, even though I still needed to blot at mid-day. I love the way my complexion looks with the foundation – it is really smooth, even and beautiful. Like airbrushing.

Courtesy of MAC

Unfortunately, I can’t continue using Studio Fix as I’m sitting here with my face totally broken out and hurting, like actually stinging. I have some issues with my skin – nothing big, just the usual stuff: oily T-Zone, prone to hormonal breakouts, and can have an uneven tone. I never had breakout problems with the L’Oreal foundation, ever. This is my second time trying the MAC Studio Fix foundation and my second time with a totally painful breakout. The first time I broke out I suspected it was the MAC as it was more painful and severe than normal, but it could have been hormonal. I stopped using it, breakouts cleared up, so I started using it again last Sunday. I think the breakouts are definitely the Studio Fix, unfortunately.

So, I can’t recommend Studio Fix for daily use. However, I know that some of my friends use it daily with no problem, so I can’t say don’t ever buy it. Your skin may like it!

All this said, I will keep the foundation and use it for special occasions because it does provide such even and smooth coverage.

I do recommend MAC eye shadows and lipsticks, very heartily. But that is another post.

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