God Save the Queen – And her wonderful hats

Diana and Kate. Grace and Margaret. Even the infamous Wallis Simpson are undisputed Royal fashion icons.  But Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t, as far as we’re concerned, get the credit she deserves. Maybe it’s because as the monarch of 16 nations and head of state 54 more, she seems too serious a figure to reduce to a mere celebrity.

To fawn over her fashion doesn’t seem befitting someone of her stature. As modern feminist type women, we certainly agree Her Majesty is one important, inspirational, powerful woman. She is also a lady of pretty great style. She catches some heat for her tendancy to ‘matchy match.’ And of course her current style is a little more mature than most of us would want. But please keep in mind, homegirl is 86. Back in the day she was right on point. She’s doing senior fashion now, and I think she’s doing it right. Colourful and modest. She always looks like she’s in charge. And there is always always a hint of sparkle, bling, brocade, or jewels (truly, her jewels are fabulous). A lady after our own hearts.

In honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebration that has been happening over the last few days, this is our own celebration of one of our icons. Oh, and because it’s fun…Hats!

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Things Are About to Change. For the Better. I Hope. We’ll See.

This blog was initially started as an outlet for our mutual love of fashion and pop culture. See – it says so up there in the banner. We planned to talk about, critique, and make light of movies, music, television, celebrity gossip, blah blah blah you get it. Somewhere along the line we seem to have gotten side tracked and ended up focusing almost exclusively on fashion. I love shopping as much as (more than) the next girl, and writting this blog has actually been a great out let for my shopping problem, but the insanity must stop. It’s time to start paying a little more attention to the whos and whats and holy shits of the celebrity world.

I started last week with a post about my disappointment in the current season of Mad Men – I did talk about Peggy’s clothes a little. In the future you can look forward to posts about The New Girl, HBO’s Girls, any number of Kardashians or Real Housewives, as well as whatever currently insane things Lindsay Lohan or the hot mess of the moment is up to with more of a focus on the people and stories. Maybe I’ll even post something about Kate Middleton where I don’t talk about her clothes (confession: No I won’t, that will never happen.)

Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That – Lace Edition

Since the Royal wedding and the Canadian Tour a lot has been said of Kate’s love for lace and her trend setting ways. Of course everything the Duchess wears is an instant hit, flying off shelves and becoming almost instantly iconic. Her blue Erdem dress is now one of my favourite dresses of all time. This trend is something I embrace wholeheartedly. But, as we like to point out, all in good fun of course, this was a trend before Kate tossed it into the sartorial stratosphere. Lace was a trend in TeenVogue for autumn/winter 2010-2011. Glamour Magazine profiled it a full three weeks before Miss. Middleton stepped into Westminster Abbey.

Sure, you can’t wear lace everyday. I mean, you could wear it everyday, but it would get weird. People would talk, you’d become the weird lace lady. You’d be branded with some kind of doily themed nickname.

Lace is a unique and recognizable fabric which immediately conjures a lot of divergent images. Depending on how and where you wear it, you can really make a statement, conveying any number of ideas about yourself and your style. Red lace is sexy, white lace is innocent. Lace on a blouse or dress is feminine and demure, while lace in an unexpected place like a shoe or accessory is modern and fun. It can makes us think of mature women with high collars and young girls with lace trimmed socks.

Here’s a peek at some of my favourite ways to work this trend from all its angels.


The key to making lace work in the real world is to not over do it. This should go without saying, but one lace item is all you need.

As I said, a bold coloured lace is just that, bold and sexy even when it comes in the form of full coverage blouse. Lace in white and neutral tones is traditional and conjures ideas of purity, and modesty. I love lace in these unexpected places like jewelery and shoes; It is at once classic and modern. Lace can take you from caual weekends, to work and glamorous nights. Hopefully just not all at once.

Kate Didn’t Invent That: Wearing Your Hair Down

This weekend I attended a lovely wedding. I wore a great blue dress and beautiful gold heels. I carried a super glittery (i.e. my favourite thing ever) gold clutch and a pearl bib necklace.

But my #@$#! hair! Seriously, you guys! Seriously! I had no idea what to do with it. I put straightening product in it, then I I blew it out. Then I straightened it. Then I tried to do an up-do. Then I tried the half up / half down thing. Then I teased it and put hairspray in. Then I re-did the up-dos a million times trying to make them look right, with lots of teasing in between each attempt.

Nothing looked right! Nothing worked! My arms were sore. I was all sweaty. Finally I just said ‘you know what? if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, its’ good enough for me! That is right, I wore my hair down. If royalty can wear their hair down, then I can too! It is officially appropriate!

I don’t know when Kate Middleton became Duchess of wearing your hair down, but she has. I know WHY thought. Her hair is fantastic. It is all bouncy and shiny and pretty. Sometimes it has little curls at the end. So much prettiness.

I am not sure if anyone is as big a Kate watcher as I am but she went to a wedding on Saturday, too. And you’ll never guess this part but try! Guess how she wore her hair! Guess!

Courtesy Daily Mail / Ikon Pictures

Did you guess right? She wore her hair down! We’re style twinsies. That is correct. Me and Kate. Style twinsies.

She didn’t invent wearing your hair down, though! Lots of people wear their hair down all the time. Celebrities I can name off the top of my head: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt likes hair, yes?), Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Salma Hayek, etc.

Anyway, it has really become her Thing though, and that is okay. She looks great, she’s happy, and if makes it officially okay for us peons to feel like we can wear our hair down and unadorned* to a special event, then I’m all for it!

* I’m sorry but in Canada, those giant fabulous hats are not a thing. People have been trying to make it happen, but generally if you wear one of those hats to a wedding, most people will look at you like you forgot your crazy pills that day. Unless you are the bride. Then its your day and you’re good.

Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That: nude shoes edition

It seems that Kate Middleton, like the rest of us, has that one perfect pair of shoes. Shoes that she feels comfortable in, that fit just right, and that are just high enough to make her legs look great without essentially breaking her feet in the process. For Kate these shoes are the nude L.K. Bennett Sledge Platform Court Shoe. She has also been spotted in the nude version of the L.K. Bennett Silver Sandal, most memorably at the polo match in California. Just a tip,the company calls the colour taupe, in case you’re about to search ebay for them.


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Kate didn’t invent that: dresses with sleeves

Kate Middleton didn’t invent dresses with sleeves.

But MY GOD people, I am sure glad she is bringing them back into the public’s favour. I actually have nothing against strapless or sleeveless dresses, and I’ll bare my arms if I have to. But it would be nice to have more variety and more options. It would be nice to toss on a dress for work and not have to belt a cardigan over it. It would be nice to wear a dress to a church wedding and not have to drape myself in a pashmina.

I realize that there are options out there currently but I’m a greedy girl and I want more! I want cap sleeve, bracelet sleeve, elbow-length sleeve, full-length sleeve, off the shoulder sleeve options. In every style, in every season. And I don’t want to have to order from spendy places like J.Crew and Banana Republic (both which have lovely sleeved dresses available right now). I want to walk into Winners, Joe Fresh, H&M, Dynamite, RW&CO etc and find affordable options.

So while Kate Middleton didn’t invent that, I sure am glad that her influence might bring them back to mainstream retail.

It Turns Out Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That

Let us preface the inaugural installemt of this series with this – We f word love Kate. We love her impossibly glossy long locks, we love her apparently very real girl attitude, we love her hunky prince of a husband, and God in heaven we adore that she’s making day dresses happen and sleeves a trend. If her regal style can bring an end, even an abaitment to, too short too tight and strapless we will literally be forever grateful.

We would however, love to point out that even the glorious Kate Middleton isn’t without inspiration. While we’re all falling all over ourselves to buy whatever it is she happens to be wearing right this second she’s busy wearing a lot of really classic style elements. It just happens that she makes them seem luminous and luxurious and life changing! Why? Maybe it’s her insanely teeny waist, or her great hair and smile. It might also have a little something to do with the HRH and the fact that most of us have a bit of a latent – or in my case, a not so latent – princess fantasy.

I also think it’s going to be totally fun to compare what Kate wore at the most recent Convention of International Royalness to what Blanche Devereaux wore on a date with some dude from the dance hall named Clyde. Thus, I give you,  the first edition of  “It Turns Out Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent that.” Continue reading

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