Things Are About to Change. For the Better. I Hope. We’ll See.

This blog was initially started as an outlet for our mutual love of fashion and pop culture. See – it says so up there in the banner. We planned to talk about, critique, and make light of movies, music, television, celebrity gossip, blah blah blah you get it. Somewhere along the line we seem to have gotten side tracked and ended up focusing almost exclusively on fashion. I love shopping as much as (more than) the next girl, and writting this blog has actually been a great out let for my shopping problem, but the insanity must stop. It’s time to start paying a little more attention to the whos and whats and holy shits of the celebrity world.

I started last week with a post about my disappointment in the current season of Mad Men – I did talk about Peggy’s clothes a little. In the future you can look forward to posts about The New Girl, HBO’s Girls, any number of Kardashians or Real Housewives, as well as whatever currently insane things Lindsay Lohan or the hot mess of the moment is up to with more of a focus on the people and stories. Maybe I’ll even post something about Kate Middleton where I don’t talk about her clothes (confession: No I won’t, that will never happen.)


Pan Am

So who else has been watching Pan Am? I can’t find anyone in real life who is, but maybe people on the internet will be more bold and proudly assert that yes, they are indeed watching this show. I forgot about it on Sunday, what with the whole holiday thing and the Kardashian wedding special. Mostly because of the wedding special. I just got sucked right in. AND I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE, EVERYONE.

But anyway, Pan Am, for those of you who claim not to be watching, is fluffy and slightly retro and even though it’s been trying real hard to be a hardboiled show in the vein of Mad Men, its uhhh….not. Think of it as two thirds cotton candy and one third gin martini.

I had my criticisms of the first episode (every woman had red hair, they were telling us too much too soon about characters we didn’t even know yet) but I think they are improving. For one – two of the characters had their hair dyed. Only one is a true red head now!

Overall, I feel it is very melodramatic in a very fun way. The upbeat swinging Sinatra-esque tunes over the dramatic scenes of espionage, mama drama, sexism, and outright sassiness work for me.

Plus, you all know that I’m here for the clothes. And I am loving them. We are seeing lots of dramatic makeup looks, shirt dresses, fancy cocktail dresses, and gorgeous coats. And of course, the Pan Am uniform, brightened to a bluebird blue because the original Pan Am blue tested too grey for TV.

I was so inspired, I made you some things!

Pan Am - Modern 60s makeup

This is not a makeup blog, because I definitely don’t know tons about makeup (won’t speak for Irene here). But I love it! Your basic 60s look is super dramatic eye makeup. Think winged eyeliner with smokey shadow, or maybe some blue or green if you are adventurous. False eyelashes up the drama. Pair it with pale and shimmering lips.

Pan AM - Modern 60s

Here are some fun 60s inspired items. You’ve seen lots of them on Pan Am recently – fancy dresses with full skirts, cats eye sunglasses, silk scarves and lots of pearls. You probably shouldn’t wear everything at once, but you’ll still look polished and ladylike if you do.

Let’s take it a little slower, I don’t want to wake up pregnant

Mostly we talk about ladies fashion here at GGF, because, let’s be honest, girl clothes are more fun than boy clothes. When you have a big party to go to do you spend more than 15 minutes thinking about what your man will wear (be honest, you totally dress him)? No, you don’t, because that shit is boring. When a girlfriend gets pregnant, what do you want to buy her? Boring boy jeans are a shirt with a baseball on it or the teeny pink tutu and awesome giant flower headband? Think about it. I’ll wait.

See? It’s a fact of science that girl clothes are inherently more fun and better. The only thing that makes boy clothes fun to talk about, really, is when there is a super hot dude inside them to also talk about.

Sooo, let’s do that.

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Stop Barging in Here and Infecting Me With Your Anxiety

If I lived in Mad Men world I would want to be Joan. I would be so hot and quick witted and have the best outfits. The only exception is I would be married to Don Draper instead of that wet blanket Betty. It literally could not be any better.

However, if I did live in Mad Men reality there is about a 100% chance I would be incarnated as Peggy. There is nothing wrong with Peggy. I really like her. She’s cute and super hard working and smart. She’s a trail blazer you guys! Plus, in recent years her outfits have gotten better and shes acquired a certain kind of sexiness. It’s just that she’s the girl who struggles with wanting to be sexy and desirable while also wanting to be taken seriously as a professional. She’s the girl the boys all see as one of them. No one is falling over themselves to open the door for her at the end of the night, no one wants to take her out on Friday. I’ve already been that girlin this life! So, I want to be Joan Draper, ok?!

Peggy Olson

Like I said, Peggy struggles with the dichotomy of wanting to be a sexy young woman and also needing to be taken seriously at the office. This struggle is played out in the way she dresses. She keeps girly things like jewelery and shoes minimal and functional, and her dresses tend to be straight cut without a lot of embellishment. She will play up her femininity with pattern, and things she’ll wear outside the office like scarves, hats and other accessories.

No Crying in the Breakroom, That’s What Your Apartment is For

She might just be the sexiest secretary of all time. The piles of red hair, a body not seen since Jessica Rabbit, and a voice like honey. All this and she is also highly effective in the workplace, getting the men everything their hearts desire and keeping all the other office girls in line. Joan knows exactly what power she holds and how to use it, and knows just how far it will get her. It is also clear that under all that she wants to be taken seriously, to be seen as important beyond her physical assets.

Joan Holloway-Harris

At work she is all business. Somehow managing to be completely covered up while leaving nothing to the imagination. She uses impeccable fit, bold accessories and sky high heels to their greatest advantage. When she’s not at the office she wants to be a regular girl favouring simple lines, feminine accessories, even something a little shapeless to hide all the sexy that is typically on display.

Don’t You Dare Lie To Me, I’ll Cut Your Fingers Off.

She’s Beautiful, unfulfilled, repressed, quietly bitchy. She’s a model, a mother of two, an equestrian. She’s everything a wife in the 1960’s was supposed to be; pulled together at all times, apparently lacking in any vice, an expert at turning a blind eye. She also convinced Don Draper to settle down and marry her – for as long as that lasted – so she must be incredibly sexy and cool as well.

Betty Draper

As a model, this woman knows fashion and isn’t afraid to participate whole heartedly. She may be a mom, but she has Carla to take care of anything that might require getting her hands dirty. Being Mrs. Don Draper means that having the right outfit to host a dinner part, meet him in the city, and attend swanky ceremonies is a neccessity – and she never comes up short.

Betty also has the means to indulge in things a lot of us wouldn’t dream of. Pricey jewllery and impractical, but awesome shoes. Even her essentials – day dresses and active wear are high end. Betty favours fuller skirts than Joan or Peggy, a nod to the fact that she is already a Mrs. and might be holding tight to the silhouette of her ‘youth’ from the 50’s. Matching her personality she goes for subdued, cool colours, but loves to play with pattern and embellishment.

Mad Men Madness

So, who else didn’t know about the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic? I had NO IDEA. When I walked by BR today I felt like one of those cartoons with my eyes popping out.

After perusing the collection I have decided that I LOVE EVERYTHING. Ahem…but I really do mean that. I love it ALL. I especially love the ladylike dresses with sleeves. SLEEVES. You can’t see me but I’m actually doing a fist pump right now. I am attending two Catholic weddings this fall and guess what I’m wearing? That’s right, a gorgeous dress with sleeves! Thank YOU, Banana Republic!

Here are my must-haves from the collection:

BR Mad Men Things I Love

Keep your eyes peeled OUR takes on Betty, Joan, and Don’s style, coming this week. And let us know what your favorite pieces of the BR collection are!

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