Review: Essie Luxeffects – A Cut Above

Full disclosure here – I’m normally not a glitter polish fan. But I couldn’t resist this beautiful pink glitter from Essie. A cut above is described by Essie as a Shattered Pink Diamond Glitz.

Image courtesy of Essie

The polish itself is octagonal pink glitter suspended in clear polish with smaller pieces of round pink glitter. I also found that there are tiiiny red pieces of glitter that flash occasionally. You could wear the polish on its own, or layered over another polish (the luxe effect, I presume!). Essie recommends layering it with wicked, a blackish-plum, or neo-whimsical and poppy art pink, both lighter pinks.

For this week’s manicure I layered a cut above over Essie’s penny talk, which is a metallic rose gold. I got fairly full coverage with two coats of the polish, but three was pushing it in terms of thickness. I also applied two coats of a topcoat, which I found was necessary to smooth down the glitter. With the topcoat, the polish is a little gritty but smooth enough that it won’t snag on clothing. I’ve heard that removal is difficult but so far I haven’t had to try it out – it has peeled off on its own so far. Lucky me!

(Click to see it larger. And apologies for the crappy pictures. I was chasing the light and this polish is HARD to capture)

You could also use this polish as an accent only on your ring finger, as I did here, or on your thumb. I got the idea from Pinterest, and it seems even the fashion mags are getting into it now.

Paired with Essie’s Penny Talk

(Click to see it larger)

Overall, I love the polish. It is a nice touch if you want to accent one nail, and it is beautiful layered over another polish. It’s glitzy, but not discoball shiny, so it is work appropriate (at least at my work. If you are a surgical nurse or a corporate lawyer, it’s probably not going to fly). The formula is pretty good to work with, it is thick but not so thick that it is difficult to apply. Just a wee bit goopy – not enough to make it a problem. You can achieve opacity with two coats.

I would classify it as a re-buy, and I’ll probably check out the other colours in the Essie Luxeffects range.

You can pick up Essie polishes at drugstores between $8-$10 dollars.

We were not compensated for this review


We’re Back!

Oh, um, hey you guys. Did you think we forgot about you? Don’t be ridiculous. We could never forget you. We just needed a little time a part so we could remember how much we love you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.  But, now we’re totally back and committed to writing hilarious posts about fashion and pop culture and our lives. What’s happened since we last talked, hmm? Let’s see…

  • This season of the Bachelorette is the most painfully boring thing reality TV has ever offered us. Google says so. Seriously, no one (no one) loves a trashy reality show like us and we both quit watching. I mean, Emily didn’t even do the fantasy suite right.
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore this. And this. And also this. They’re all, eh, fine, I guess. I must say I’ve been a little bored with her choices of late. I still love her though. Plus, I’m sure she’d be just gutted to know that I’m bored. She has literally nothing better to worry about. Also, photos of their honeymoon have surfaced. While I love to be a voyeur, this does seem a little weirdly invasive, so I won’t post the link. Let them have some frolic on the beach time, GEEZ.
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced. And now there is an epic billion year battle to the death to save her soul from the Sea Org…Or something?
  • There’s a new Kardashian! And it’s a girl! And her name doesn’t start with a’ K’. (Really it’s a Disick, but whatever)

That’s um, pretty much it right?

Stay tuned for more on my 1970’s wedding. I made a choice. By myself. Like a grown up. Am still very concerned that it’s the wrong decision.

Strawberry Margarita and Cognac

So, yeah. I haven’t been around much recently…and for what, I am sure you are asking. WHAT HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US FOR? Weeell. The gym. Yep. It turns out it is reaaaaally hard to travel every weekend, go to the gym three times a week, and also run errands (you know, silly errands like buying groceries and going to medical appointments).  At least for me…I was so proud of myself when I actually went to the grocery store after the gym on monday night.  That right there is what a motherfucking adult does. I felt so proud typing it into twitter. I went to the gym. And then afterwards took public transit and procured food for the week. I even had a list.

Since the last time I wrote:

1. I decided that I hate my entire wardrobe and have been systematically dismantling it. There is an incredibly large pile of clothing on my bedroom floor. Replacing it hasn’t been going so well.

2. I found the perfect summer nail polish colour – O.P.I.’s Strawberry Margarita.

3. I bought a brown purse. I know. AM I FUCKING KIDDING!? No. I bought it. It’s brown (although I call it cognac because while I’m not okay with having a brown purse, I am okay with carrying something around that is the colour of booze. It’s my booze bag. Look, I never said I was a rational human being )

I’ll be back later in the week with more nattering about purses and my dwindling wardrobe!

I’m Sorry To Do This To You Again…

But, I have another wedding to go to, and this one is a doozy. It is well documented that we both love a wedding. However, I don’t really know how I feel about the heavily themed wedding. It’s a princess theme and everything is pink, and glass carriages and castles? Ew. It all just seems sort of heavy handed and unnecessary and odd. I can get behind colour schemes and recurring motifs. But to dedicate yourself to making sure every element of your wedding commits to some detached theme is just…I don’t know, icky.

The wedding I’ll be headed to in July is a 1970’s theme. Not only do I find this troublesome because of the appearance of a theme at all, but the 1970’s is truly the last decade I would like to see emulated. I can’t really think of a single of my personal fashion icons who looked amazing in the 70’s. The movies, the music, the television, none of it has every really spoken to me. So, dear readers I need you to help me figure out how I can comply with the theme (I’m not a complete wet blanket. I can see the fun here, I want to participate) while still being fashionable and true to me. I want to still feel comfortable and not feel like I’m wearing a costume.

Here, some things from the 70’s I can stand.

Things from the 70's I can stand

Top Row L to R – Allie McGraw, Vogue Magazine, Bianca Jagger
Bottom Row L –  to R Liza Minelli, 70’s bike girls – one with rooster t-shirt (!), Farrah Fawvett

So, where in the world does one go to find a modern, but somehow 1970’s inspired dress?! HELP!

Pops of Neon

Irene and I were talking the other day and she informed me that she finally found a sheer black blouse, after searching for one for an entire year! Yay for her! I told her she needed to immediately pair it with one of her many cobalt coloured items (seriously, girl is addicted) and then I had a brainwave – NEON.

Neon is a huge trend this summer (see here, here, and here). For those of us born in the early 80s (myself anyway) it brings back a huge wave of nostalgia- who didn’t have a neon Lisa Frank notebook, one of those neon shirt clips with rhinestones, neon laces for your hi-tops, or those spandex leggings with neon stripes down the sides? Bonus points if you wore it all at once like me.

I love neon. LOVE. I don’t want to wear a whole neon shirt though….that is just not kind to my almost 30 year old face. So when Irene was like ‘ooh yes, cobalt pencil skirt and sheer black blouse’ I commanded her to “ADD A NEON BELT! DO IT! DO IT!’  She stopped texting me after that point, but I love it. Adding pops of neon is fucking hot, it’s a grown up way to add neon to an outfit, and it might be a little more flattering on us folk who wore it the first time round.

Pops of Neon

See? That is hot. Imagine wearing this little outfit some steamy summer night. With lots of black eyeliner and nude lips. IRENE, ARE YOU LISTENING? 😉

Things Are About to Change. For the Better. I Hope. We’ll See.

This blog was initially started as an outlet for our mutual love of fashion and pop culture. See – it says so up there in the banner. We planned to talk about, critique, and make light of movies, music, television, celebrity gossip, blah blah blah you get it. Somewhere along the line we seem to have gotten side tracked and ended up focusing almost exclusively on fashion. I love shopping as much as (more than) the next girl, and writting this blog has actually been a great out let for my shopping problem, but the insanity must stop. It’s time to start paying a little more attention to the whos and whats and holy shits of the celebrity world.

I started last week with a post about my disappointment in the current season of Mad Men – I did talk about Peggy’s clothes a little. In the future you can look forward to posts about The New Girl, HBO’s Girls, any number of Kardashians or Real Housewives, as well as whatever currently insane things Lindsay Lohan or the hot mess of the moment is up to with more of a focus on the people and stories. Maybe I’ll even post something about Kate Middleton where I don’t talk about her clothes (confession: No I won’t, that will never happen.)

Summer Work Wardrobe Pt.2

How was everyone’s weekend? I cleaned, got groceries, did laundry, watched the Sex and the City movie because it was on TV (side note: Canadian television does not censor ANYTHING. Ladies who have seen the movie know what I’m talking about!) AND I gutted my wardrobe and then went shopping. I’m actually a little exhausted. I hope your weekend was a bit more relaxing!

I promised to report back what I bought, and I am proud to tell you that I stuck to my plan! I bought things AND I thought in outfits. So, what did I get?

1) two pairs of skinny cropped pants

2) a short sleeved ruffled cardigan

3) a coral lace dress

Add in the items I bought earlier this spring and I have a pretty healthy start to a summer work wardrobe:

Sumer Work Wardrobe Update

One note about the cropped pants – last year I bought looser fitting, shorter capris and I looked like a hobbit. I’ve found that the trick to wearing capris is finding a slim cut pant that hits you at the slimmest part of your leg. The other trick is your shoes. If you don’t want to look like you live in the shire, you gotta wear heels or wedges. You can probably get away with ballet slippers, but wear anything clunky or too wide and you will look like Frodo’s sister. So, beware capris.

Updating the work wardrobe

Well! My apologies for falling off the face of the earth recently. Work, wedding planning…its all getting in the way of the fun stuff! Which is, OF COURSE, this blog and you guys!

I was in a blind panic this morning as I rushed around trying to get ready because I had nothing to wear. NOTHING!! I have like no clothes for work. How did this happen? Clearly I have been falling down on my wardrobe makeover. Why is this!? I think its because I have the attention span of a squirrel. I go to the mall with very specific objects in mind, like skinny ankle pants and an a-line skirt, and walk out with like a skillet and a pair of earrings. I also just buy things that I like with no regard as to how they will fit together. I lack cohesiveness, and thus my wardrobe is just a…chaotic mess.

Well that is sooo changing. I am going to the mall this weekend with a plan! The plan is:

1) think in outfits
2) actually buy things

So simple. Yet apparently very hard for me. I have already been buying things, so I have a head start – a teal chiffon dress, nude wedges, a coral lace top. Here are the things I still need:

1. Skinny ankle pants (two pairs)


2. blouses and tops (two)


3. a-line skirt (two)



4. dress (one)



5. lightweight cardigans (three)





So that is the plan. I’ll report back how I do!

P.S. All of these lovelies are from Jacob


Anyone who knows me (and I feel like we’ve been at this blogging thing long enough now to say that you know me) knows that I don’t like to make decisions. I don’t mean big life decisions. I picked a university and a career path, I’ll move cities at the drop of a hat. I just don’t like to be in charge of day to day piddly things. Where do you want to go for dinner or which movie do you want to see can literally stop me in my tracks.

Oh, I know, you must be thinking how wonderful it would be to date me or be my best friend. Ask anyone who has occupied these positions and they’ll tell you it’s downright wonderful to get to be my buddy. That is until decision time comes.

I don’t do it to be difficult, or as some weird test to see if people know what I like and will pick accordingly. It’s just that for the most part I’m wildly apathetic. I truly don’t care if we have chinese or pizza. I LOVE THEM BOTH! How could I choose? Seriously, the chinese vs. pizza debate is like Sophie’s Choice in my heart. (stomach?) I could care less if we see Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis fall in love or watch Jason Statham blow shit up. Love and explosions, they both appeal to me, so I make my loved ones choose.

So here’s the point. I have a wedding this weekend. I love a wedding. The dresses, the flowers, the romance. The potential for free booze and food and bad decsions. Sadly, attending a wedding presents me with choices I’m not prepared to make on my own. What will I wear?

I’m one of those people who likes to change between ceremony and reception. I feel like at the ceremony one should be a little more conservative and day time appropriate and the reception is a time to pull out all the stops and really pull out your nightlife attire. This wedding is at a casino so I feel like the potential for swinging nightlife dresses and jewels is off the charts.

So, dear readers, below I present to you my outfit options for this wedding. I NEED YOU TO DECIDE FOR ME.


To sleeve or not to sleeve

I love the colour and unusual silhouette of the sleevless one, but I really like the idea of a sleeved dress at the ceremony. Plus, it looks like its going to be freezeing here this weekend. Discuss.

boobs or legs?

As for the reception, these aren’t the exact dresses I own, but they’ll do the trick. My version of the blue (boobs) is actually only blue in the bust with the rest being a body hugging black pencil skirt. Ooo la la. The strapless black(legs) that I own is sort of a black and gold brocade. They both make me feel wonderful. So, I cannot decide. Boobs are legs, people. BOOBS OR LEGS?! I’m of an age that I can’t do both.

Seriously, I need you guys to do this for me in the comments

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