Leopard Girl

I went to see Dark Knight Rises this past week. For whatever reason, even though its two (or in this case 3) hours spent in a darkened room where there is absolutely no reason that anyone would be looking at you, I like to look cute at the movies. Maybe afterwards you’re going to get a drink with some friends, or go for coffee and discuss the nuances of the film. Maybe you’re going for a romantic walk along a waterfront? Listen, I don’t know what you’re doing after movies, but you might want to look cute. Plus, I have a decades old crush on Christian Bale and I feel like I should respect that by dressing appropriately.

Anywho. Here is what I wore.


I used to shy away from animal prints. I didn’t think I had the personality or confidence to pull it off effectively. But this summer I invested in some snake skin bangles and this tank. It turns out either I got some new confidence I wasn’t aware of or it doesn’t actually take confidence to pull of animal prints. What it takes is taste. Keep it subtle and clean and animal prints are classic and chic. I felt great.

Also, Dark Knight Rises was great. Christian Bale, as always, is wonderful as the troubled billionaire Bruce Wayne. He really is ‘the best of us’. Michael Cain is touching and his relationship with Bruce reaches an emotional climax. Tom Hardy as the villain Bane was, in my opinion, the most real and truly scary adversary The Batman has faced in this trilogy. Plus, he had a really cool coat. Anne Hathaway is gorgeous and lithe in killer heels, even if I didn’t always buy her as an ass kicking cat burglar. The film comes highly recommended. As does going to the movies in cute outfits that just a few months ago you would have been scared of.


Jersey Style: A Tutorial

Listen, I don’t think I should have to explain myself or feel ashamed, and you all certainly shouldn’t be shocked. We’ve known each other long enough now. You read the Tweets. You know I love me some awful reality television. What else is a girl to do on Sunday afternoons while cuddling her dog, but watch whatever marathon of horrors happens to be on MTV or Slice?*

There are a few reality show sure bets that have resulted in some (maybe awful) trends.

Singing Competitions – American Idol, The X-Factor, The Voice, et. al.

Terrible Parenting Decisions – Dance Moms, Little Miss Perfect, Toddlers and Tiaras, et. al

Dancing – So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, Dancing with the Stars, et. al.

Anyone of these would make for a great sequin-ed leotard-ed GGF treatment.

Today though, I’m feeling in the mood for some leopard print, crystal encrusted sunglasses, and anything in the understated shades of neon.

Today we pay homage to the ladies of New Jersey, be they of the Shore, -licious or Housewife variety.

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