Pasta and Cheese, Rejoice!

Last night may have just been boring Wednesday (Hump day! Less boring, right?), but it was the best night of my week because our favourite restaurant, Toscana re-opened after renovations! We hadn’t been since before Christmas so I was long over due for the Fried Manchego Cheese and Agniolotti. I have either personally eaten or dined with someone who has eaten almost everything on the menu and I’ve never heard a bad review. The service is great, the atmosphere is warm, dim and relaxed and they’ve got great wine and cocktails. Basically, it’s perfect. If you’re anywhere near Detroit or Windsor, I’d definitely recommend stopping by. Chef  Jonathan Reaume has earned a reputation as one of the areas best. Go ahead, make reservations!

I meant to take pics of my food and outfit. But I forgot. It was crazy busy and I was excited. Also, I’m a bad blogger. I promise to be much better in the future.


What I wore: Long Weekend

I had quite the busy long weekend – a fancy date, an afternoon jazz concert, coffee with a friend. Very relaxing. I’m ready to take on the next stretch of winter! Bring on Easter!

Here are some things I wore:

what i wore: afternoon jazz concert


For the jazz concert, I wanted to wear sequins because I thought they were glamorous, and jazz is totally glamorous right? No, it is not. At least not among the concert attendants in my hometown’s jazz society. I was definitely the fanciest person there, but I got away with it because my look was so low-key. (okay, it wasn’t exactly low-key but it was low-key for sequins!)

what i wore: fancy date


My boyfriend and I went out on Saturday night and ate wood fired pizzas piled with gourmet toppings and then came home and drank a bottle of red wine. We call our dress-up dates ‘fancy dinner.’ Date-night dressing is easy – you can’t go wrong with pretty heels, the classic little black dress, and some sparkly accessories.

what i wore: afternoon coffee


Coffee with a friend calls for a more casual approach. No need for sequins or heels. I wore a polka dot sweater with straight-leg jeans and an infinity scarf. Perfect for sipping chai lattes and chatting!

What did you wear last weekend?

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