So many of my decisions over my wedding planning “journey” have followed this pattern: decide on something, decide I then hate it or no longer want it, and then go in the opposite direction. And then sometimes go back to the original inspiration. I have so many examples – cake, wedding day jewelry, shoes, hair piece, veil. What can I say, I’m one of those indecisive bitches.

But the one thing that has never changed is my vision for my wedding day hair. I have always envisioned hair that is half up and half down, with long cascading curls. I’ll be honest – I’ve been growing my hair for about two and a half years in anticipation of my wedding day hair, one and a half years longer than I have been engaged. Yah. That was a topic up for discussion for a while, obvs.

There were really two things that made me want this specific look. One was that I truly believe that my head looks very tiny on top of my body and an updo only makes it look smaller. I realize that this is crazy and my head is in fact NOT pin sized. But I knew that I could never feel truly comfortable with an updo. Because of my ridiculously tiny head which only exists in my brain.

The second was our own Patron Saint here at Backwards Heels, The Duchess of Cambridge herself AKA Kate Middleton AKA K.Middy. Yah thats right. Her hair has made quite the impression on me. I realized it when I found myself pinning pictures of her out and about at charity events, instead of like….normal wedding hair pictures.


Both my Mom and Future-Mother-In-Law thought I should I have an updo, and I considered it for a while but no….I need cascading curls. And for my head not to look tiny. That part is very important!

Anyway, all that text to say that I had my hair trial last weekend and I LOVED it. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted. There are a few changes we will make, but otherwise it is good. Some height in the front and CURLS CURLS CURLS in the back.

First up, an inspiration picture from pinterest:

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Going For It

Last night I had my hair cut and coloured. This is a Big Deal for me, because I haven’t coloured my hair in almost ten years. The last time I coloured my hair, I dyed it brown to cover up the large bleached chunks all over my head that still had a hue of washed out Manic Panic Purple haze.

A few years prior to that, my hair was a cherry-hued black, dyed to cover up the turquoise I had dyed all of the hair framing my face. A few years prior to that, my hair was dyed various shades of sunrise red and, most regrettably, a blue black that seeped into the pores of my hair and did not budge an inch as it grew out.

I pretty much just inflicted disaster after diaster on my hair for the six years between fifteen and twenty-one, so you can understand that I had somewhat of a phobia about the whole dyeing-hair thing. I shied away from it for a long time, thinking that it would look wrong, that I liked my hair the way it was, that it was a lot of effort. The current hair on my head has never seen an ounce of dye. It used to be a shade that is close to Kate Middleton’s, but now I’m actually kinda sorta going grey. It just kept getting more blah looking.

Even though I knew that, and strangers (STRANGERS!) had remarked on it, I didn’t intend to get my hair coloured when I walked in to get my hair cut. It just…happened. It all started with an innocent question – ‘if you were going to colour my hair, what colour would you dye it?’ When she described what colour she would do, and I was like ‘hmmm. what about MORE RED?’ I could sense her excitement. Especially after my admission that I had once had purple hair. Her face actually lit up. Who am I to deny a woman with scissors tattooed on her hand such excitement? I mean, that is commitment to your profession.

So I said, ‘let’s do it!’ and she did. My hair is now dark red/burgundy, with super red highlights, with a super hair cut. She described it as an ‘elegant purple’ and so it is. And I love it.

And so, to our darling readers, go out there and be fearless! Get that perm, wear orange, trade your flats for heels! Whatever you want, just take a chance! Because you know what? It feels pretty good.

Kate Didn’t Invent That: Wearing Your Hair Down

This weekend I attended a lovely wedding. I wore a great blue dress and beautiful gold heels. I carried a super glittery (i.e. my favourite thing ever) gold clutch and a pearl bib necklace.

But my #@$#! hair! Seriously, you guys! Seriously! I had no idea what to do with it. I put straightening product in it, then I I blew it out. Then I straightened it. Then I tried to do an up-do. Then I tried the half up / half down thing. Then I teased it and put hairspray in. Then I re-did the up-dos a million times trying to make them look right, with lots of teasing in between each attempt.

Nothing looked right! Nothing worked! My arms were sore. I was all sweaty. Finally I just said ‘you know what? if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, its’ good enough for me! That is right, I wore my hair down. If royalty can wear their hair down, then I can too! It is officially appropriate!

I don’t know when Kate Middleton became Duchess of wearing your hair down, but she has. I know WHY thought. Her hair is fantastic. It is all bouncy and shiny and pretty. Sometimes it has little curls at the end. So much prettiness.

I am not sure if anyone is as big a Kate watcher as I am but she went to a wedding on Saturday, too. And you’ll never guess this part but try! Guess how she wore her hair! Guess!

Courtesy Daily Mail / Ikon Pictures

Did you guess right? She wore her hair down! We’re style twinsies. That is correct. Me and Kate. Style twinsies.

She didn’t invent wearing your hair down, though! Lots of people wear their hair down all the time. Celebrities I can name off the top of my head: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt likes hair, yes?), Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Salma Hayek, etc.

Anyway, it has really become her Thing though, and that is okay. She looks great, she’s happy, and if makes it officially okay for us peons to feel like we can wear our hair down and unadorned* to a special event, then I’m all for it!

* I’m sorry but in Canada, those giant fabulous hats are not a thing. People have been trying to make it happen, but generally if you wear one of those hats to a wedding, most people will look at you like you forgot your crazy pills that day. Unless you are the bride. Then its your day and you’re good.

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