So many of my decisions over my wedding planning “journey” have followed this pattern: decide on something, decide I then hate it or no longer want it, and then go in the opposite direction. And then sometimes go back to the original inspiration. I have so many examples – cake, wedding day jewelry, shoes, hair piece, veil. What can I say, I’m one of those indecisive bitches.

But the one thing that has never changed is my vision for my wedding day hair. I have always envisioned hair that is half up and half down, with long cascading curls. I’ll be honest – I’ve been growing my hair for about two and a half years in anticipation of my wedding day hair, one and a half years longer than I have been engaged. Yah. That was a topic up for discussion for a while, obvs.

There were really two things that made me want this specific look. One was that I truly believe that my head looks very tiny on top of my body and an updo only makes it look smaller. I realize that this is crazy and my head is in fact NOT pin sized. But I knew that I could never feel truly comfortable with an updo. Because of my ridiculously tiny head which only exists in my brain.

The second was our own Patron Saint here at Backwards Heels, The Duchess of Cambridge herself AKA Kate Middleton AKA K.Middy. Yah thats right. Her hair has made quite the impression on me. I realized it when I found myself pinning pictures of her out and about at charity events, instead of like….normal wedding hair pictures.


Both my Mom and Future-Mother-In-Law thought I should I have an updo, and I considered it for a while but no….I need cascading curls. And for my head not to look tiny. That part is very important!

Anyway, all that text to say that I had my hair trial last weekend and I LOVED it. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted. There are a few changes we will make, but otherwise it is good. Some height in the front and CURLS CURLS CURLS in the back.

First up, an inspiration picture from pinterest:

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So, blahblahblah we took a freakishly long break. We’re back now. For good. We think. Etc.


Laura totally outed me in the last post and I hate her guts now.

I turn 30 in exactly 33 days. On the 14th of April I will cross the all important, though admittedly probably imaginary threshold into irrelevancy. Once you turn 30 you can no longer be taken seriously as ‘youthful.’ You are a legitimate grown ass person. Even if your job sucks and you’re not married and have no kids. You may not fully understand your credit card statements or how to do your taxes, but none of this matters. Hippies don’t trust you any more, and you are old.

Top 40 radio stations don’t cater to you. You can’t shop in Forever21 or Dynamite or buy super trendy, shoddily made accessories at Claire’s or Ardene. You’re only really allowed to go to an animated movie if you’re with an actual ‘youth’, unless of course you desire to be thought of as a creep. You can maybe still go to the cool bar, depending on the city you’re in. But you can be sure you’ll have to compete with youthful young ladies. In those trendy dresses with the sheer décolletage. Sure sure, if you were 29 it would be no big deal. We’re all in our twenties after all. But in 33 days? Well, in 33 day’s I’ll be 30. I’m pretty sure that when I wake up in 33 days (which by the way is also historically a very bad day:Lincoln was assassinated, Titanic hit the iceberg, and my grandfather fucking died on my 16th birthday) I will have brand new old person laugh lines, and a bunion, and probably a bad shoulder from an old football injury or whatever.

I’m joking, of course. I mean, mostly. 30 really does seem like the biggest numerical transition since I moved into double digits. The differences between 10 and 20 are so wildly obvious, it’s silly to even compare them. But moving from our twenties into thirties feels different. The twenties are this weird hybrid decade where you’re still really just a kid, at least for the first few years. You’re supposedly setting yourself up for your thirties and beyond. You stay out too late, don’t get hangovers, have no fear and you believe in the power of things. Things like positivity, and yoga and the healing properties of cookie dough ice cream. You also have more energy than any human person should. You go to class, you volunteer, you apply for all the jobs, you party. Everything is a possibility. And now as I inch closer to 30 (33 days), those things do seem, sadly I think, a little less a part of who I am. I do get hangovers, I don’t have boundless energy, I do feel limited. Worst of all I’ve realised cookie dough is a cruel joke played by the universe to make us both joyful and fat. What a drag, right? God. Sorry.

But wait! Don’t slit your wrists in a warm bath tub just yet!

In the last few months, as I’ve watched the 30th anniversary of my birth approach, I’ve thought a lot about what 30 might mean. But, I’ve realised that being 20 is also not that great. Everything may have been a possibility, but it was also terrifying. I didn’t go away to University, because I was too scared. I didn’t break up with my shitty boyfriend (two shitty boyfriends, actually) because I was too scared. Even more recently, I haven’t applied for or really chased a lot of opportunities, because I was too scared. Ten years later I’d hardly call myself brave, but I can pick up the phone to order a pizza or book a hotel room without literally writing out a script before hand.

There are a lot of benefits of being a little older. I don’t have to go to class any more. Honestly, I always really liked school. The academic atmosphere makes me feel special and a part of something important.You know what I don’t like though? 8 a.m. three hour classes and trudging across campus in a blizzard because fucking UWO wouldn’t cancel a damn class. Good luck with that shit undergraduates. Now I have to go to work. I don’t get graded arbitrarily and they pay me. Weird, right?

I still believe in the power of yoga and positivity. I have however also learned the power of accepting when things are shitty and telling someone to go to hell if I need to. Also, I will never be able to do crane pose. Them’s the breaks.

A lot of bad ass people get started in their thirties. Martha Stewart didn’t begin her career as the best person in the world at literally everything until her 30’s. Oprah got her own show at 30. My very own father started his business in his 30’s and more than two decades later is happier than ever. I myself plan to move out of my parents basement very soon. So, there is that.

Plus, total babes like Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain and our own icon of wonder Duchess Kate don’t show outward sings of their impending laugh lines, bunions or sporting injuries, right? You can still be figureing your shit out at 30. Pretty much everyone is. Even the weirdos who do understand their credit card statements are struggling somehow, I know it. Most importantly though, you don’t magically turn into a disgusting old crone-pumpkin at the stroke if midnight either.

The bottom line: I’m feeling conflicted about Thirty. But I think I’ll be ok.

Look, I’ll let you know in 33 days. If you don’t hear from me, I guess you can find me in that warm tub we talked about.

We’re Back!

Oh, um, hey you guys. Did you think we forgot about you? Don’t be ridiculous. We could never forget you. We just needed a little time a part so we could remember how much we love you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.  But, now we’re totally back and committed to writing hilarious posts about fashion and pop culture and our lives. What’s happened since we last talked, hmm? Let’s see…

  • This season of the Bachelorette is the most painfully boring thing reality TV has ever offered us. Google says so. Seriously, no one (no one) loves a trashy reality show like us and we both quit watching. I mean, Emily didn’t even do the fantasy suite right.
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore this. And this. And also this. They’re all, eh, fine, I guess. I must say I’ve been a little bored with her choices of late. I still love her though. Plus, I’m sure she’d be just gutted to know that I’m bored. She has literally nothing better to worry about. Also, photos of their honeymoon have surfaced. While I love to be a voyeur, this does seem a little weirdly invasive, so I won’t post the link. Let them have some frolic on the beach time, GEEZ.
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced. And now there is an epic billion year battle to the death to save her soul from the Sea Org…Or something?
  • There’s a new Kardashian! And it’s a girl! And her name doesn’t start with a’ K’. (Really it’s a Disick, but whatever)

That’s um, pretty much it right?

Stay tuned for more on my 1970’s wedding. I made a choice. By myself. Like a grown up. Am still very concerned that it’s the wrong decision.

Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That – Lace Edition

Since the Royal wedding and the Canadian Tour a lot has been said of Kate’s love for lace and her trend setting ways. Of course everything the Duchess wears is an instant hit, flying off shelves and becoming almost instantly iconic. Her blue Erdem dress is now one of my favourite dresses of all time. This trend is something I embrace wholeheartedly. But, as we like to point out, all in good fun of course, this was a trend before Kate tossed it into the sartorial stratosphere. Lace was a trend in TeenVogue for autumn/winter 2010-2011. Glamour Magazine profiled it a full three weeks before Miss. Middleton stepped into Westminster Abbey.

Sure, you can’t wear lace everyday. I mean, you could wear it everyday, but it would get weird. People would talk, you’d become the weird lace lady. You’d be branded with some kind of doily themed nickname.

Lace is a unique and recognizable fabric which immediately conjures a lot of divergent images. Depending on how and where you wear it, you can really make a statement, conveying any number of ideas about yourself and your style. Red lace is sexy, white lace is innocent. Lace on a blouse or dress is feminine and demure, while lace in an unexpected place like a shoe or accessory is modern and fun. It can makes us think of mature women with high collars and young girls with lace trimmed socks.

Here’s a peek at some of my favourite ways to work this trend from all its angels.


The key to making lace work in the real world is to not over do it. This should go without saying, but one lace item is all you need.

As I said, a bold coloured lace is just that, bold and sexy even when it comes in the form of full coverage blouse. Lace in white and neutral tones is traditional and conjures ideas of purity, and modesty. I love lace in these unexpected places like jewelery and shoes; It is at once classic and modern. Lace can take you from caual weekends, to work and glamorous nights. Hopefully just not all at once.

A Fall outfit….and a special guest

Hello darlings! We must apologize for the lack of posts this week…I am feeling rather under the weather, and Irene is run off her feet with work. As you can imagine, our inspiration is running low.

Sooo…today is the perfect time to share a look with you. I actually had it hidden in my polyvore drafts for a few months. I found it, dusted it off, and loved it! I added a beautiful navy coat with ruffle detail (because we love a good coat) and a scarlet pashmina.

Fall Look V.1

The whole look says l’automne to me, with the warm yellows, golds, and reds. I could imagine wearing this to browse in a book store on a rainy day, after meeting a friend for a hot chocolate or pumpkin latte.

P.S. Doesn’t it totally remind you of Kate Middleton, watching Prince Wills bring that helicopter down on the lake in PEI on their Canadian visit this summer? I didn’t realize it at the time but looking at it now, I can see that I was subconciously influenced by Kate…she is everywhere!

Courtesy AP

Kate Didn’t Invent That: Wearing Your Hair Down

This weekend I attended a lovely wedding. I wore a great blue dress and beautiful gold heels. I carried a super glittery (i.e. my favourite thing ever) gold clutch and a pearl bib necklace.

But my #@$#! hair! Seriously, you guys! Seriously! I had no idea what to do with it. I put straightening product in it, then I I blew it out. Then I straightened it. Then I tried to do an up-do. Then I tried the half up / half down thing. Then I teased it and put hairspray in. Then I re-did the up-dos a million times trying to make them look right, with lots of teasing in between each attempt.

Nothing looked right! Nothing worked! My arms were sore. I was all sweaty. Finally I just said ‘you know what? if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, its’ good enough for me! That is right, I wore my hair down. If royalty can wear their hair down, then I can too! It is officially appropriate!

I don’t know when Kate Middleton became Duchess of wearing your hair down, but she has. I know WHY thought. Her hair is fantastic. It is all bouncy and shiny and pretty. Sometimes it has little curls at the end. So much prettiness.

I am not sure if anyone is as big a Kate watcher as I am but she went to a wedding on Saturday, too. And you’ll never guess this part but try! Guess how she wore her hair! Guess!

Courtesy Daily Mail / Ikon Pictures

Did you guess right? She wore her hair down! We’re style twinsies. That is correct. Me and Kate. Style twinsies.

She didn’t invent wearing your hair down, though! Lots of people wear their hair down all the time. Celebrities I can name off the top of my head: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt likes hair, yes?), Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Salma Hayek, etc.

Anyway, it has really become her Thing though, and that is okay. She looks great, she’s happy, and if makes it officially okay for us peons to feel like we can wear our hair down and unadorned* to a special event, then I’m all for it!

* I’m sorry but in Canada, those giant fabulous hats are not a thing. People have been trying to make it happen, but generally if you wear one of those hats to a wedding, most people will look at you like you forgot your crazy pills that day. Unless you are the bride. Then its your day and you’re good.

Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That: nude shoes edition

It seems that Kate Middleton, like the rest of us, has that one perfect pair of shoes. Shoes that she feels comfortable in, that fit just right, and that are just high enough to make her legs look great without essentially breaking her feet in the process. For Kate these shoes are the nude L.K. Bennett Sledge Platform Court Shoe. She has also been spotted in the nude version of the L.K. Bennett Silver Sandal, most memorably at the polo match in California. Just a tip,the company calls the colour taupe, in case you’re about to search ebay for them.


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Battle of the Princess Brides

Just for fun, and to get you ready for what’s coming up next, we put together a compilation of some of our favourite royal brides. Whether they’re perennial favourites, plagued by scandal or a princess who seems to escape the paparazzi radar, they’re all here!

Tell us who your favourite is and who we forgot in the comments!

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Princess Week

It is Princess Week here at GoldenGalsFashion! Why? Because this blog is our realm and we are the reigning princesses!

Actually, it is for no reason other than that we love princesses and we really really want to talk about them. We think that is reason enough.

Seriously though, there has been an influx of attention on princesses in the media lately, which has reignited and given fuel to our princess passions. Kate Middleton, Charlene Witstock, Zara Phillips, Crown Princess Victoria! And we would very much like to use this as an opprotunity to talk about all things royal.

Stephanie’s love of Princesses goes way back…

When I was a child, my mom bought a big poufy 80s wedding dress with those glorious puffy sleeves at a second hand store and I wore that thing for about 3 halloweens. Of course, I didn’t go trick or treating as a bride – I was a Princess! And, like every other little girl, I was quite enamored of all those Disney princesses – Aurora, Snow White, and my very favourite: Ariel.

I continued to love princesses – perhaps less fervently in my teens – and here I am, in my late-twenties, getting up at 4 in the morning to watch the royal wedding with a fascinator and a cuppa!

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Kate didn’t invent that: dresses with sleeves

Kate Middleton didn’t invent dresses with sleeves.

But MY GOD people, I am sure glad she is bringing them back into the public’s favour. I actually have nothing against strapless or sleeveless dresses, and I’ll bare my arms if I have to. But it would be nice to have more variety and more options. It would be nice to toss on a dress for work and not have to belt a cardigan over it. It would be nice to wear a dress to a church wedding and not have to drape myself in a pashmina.

I realize that there are options out there currently but I’m a greedy girl and I want more! I want cap sleeve, bracelet sleeve, elbow-length sleeve, full-length sleeve, off the shoulder sleeve options. In every style, in every season. And I don’t want to have to order from spendy places like J.Crew and Banana Republic (both which have lovely sleeved dresses available right now). I want to walk into Winners, Joe Fresh, H&M, Dynamite, RW&CO etc and find affordable options.

So while Kate Middleton didn’t invent that, I sure am glad that her influence might bring them back to mainstream retail.

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