“I’m too old for this shit”

As you know, we are both turning 30 in a few months. I don’t feel that this is possible though, because I am the worst almost-30 year old.

Shannon and I were talking the other day about how we have zero clues how to do our taxes. It is true. My Dad does them for me – every single year. In fact, if my Dad didn’t do them, I would have zero clues how to get it done. I know now the basic forms he needs but as for how to get them into a format that R*vC*n will accept – no idea. I would likely just shove them into an envelope and mail it off and hope for the best.

 No, I wouldn’t REALLY do that. If I had to do my own taxes I would likely buy the software to do it myself, not understand any of it, and break down crying a few times and then shuffle off to one of those green cubes that appear in the mall every year. And then I would have to go back a million times because I forgot this form and that form. 

But luckily I have a wonderful Dad who does them for me. Even the year when I forgot that taxes were a thing until April 1st and then called him in a panic and spent the next 2 days frantically scanning documents in and emailing them to him, so he could stay up until 4 o’clock in the morning filing them for me. Seriously. I love my Dad. 

Additionally, I still sleep under a pile of laundry for a few days after I do laundry.

I eat cereal or toast for dinner A LOT.

I still don’t drive.

BUT there are other ways in which I am an adult.

I pay my credit card off every month

I’m paying down my student debt

I admit my mistakes and apologize for them

I eat my vegetables

So that right there is my problem with turning 30 soon. I am clearly not qualified for this milestone. Let’s just average out the mature and immature qualities and say that I am turning 25, shall we? Sounds good to me!



So many of my decisions over my wedding planning “journey” have followed this pattern: decide on something, decide I then hate it or no longer want it, and then go in the opposite direction. And then sometimes go back to the original inspiration. I have so many examples – cake, wedding day jewelry, shoes, hair piece, veil. What can I say, I’m one of those indecisive bitches.

But the one thing that has never changed is my vision for my wedding day hair. I have always envisioned hair that is half up and half down, with long cascading curls. I’ll be honest – I’ve been growing my hair for about two and a half years in anticipation of my wedding day hair, one and a half years longer than I have been engaged. Yah. That was a topic up for discussion for a while, obvs.

There were really two things that made me want this specific look. One was that I truly believe that my head looks very tiny on top of my body and an updo only makes it look smaller. I realize that this is crazy and my head is in fact NOT pin sized. But I knew that I could never feel truly comfortable with an updo. Because of my ridiculously tiny head which only exists in my brain.

The second was our own Patron Saint here at Backwards Heels, The Duchess of Cambridge herself AKA Kate Middleton AKA K.Middy. Yah thats right. Her hair has made quite the impression on me. I realized it when I found myself pinning pictures of her out and about at charity events, instead of like….normal wedding hair pictures.


Both my Mom and Future-Mother-In-Law thought I should I have an updo, and I considered it for a while but no….I need cascading curls. And for my head not to look tiny. That part is very important!

Anyway, all that text to say that I had my hair trial last weekend and I LOVED it. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted. There are a few changes we will make, but otherwise it is good. Some height in the front and CURLS CURLS CURLS in the back.

First up, an inspiration picture from pinterest:

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