“I’m too old for this shit”

As you know, we are both turning 30 in a few months. I don’t feel that this is possible though, because I am the worst almost-30 year old.

Shannon and I were talking the other day about how we have zero clues how to do our taxes. It is true. My Dad does them for me – every single year. In fact, if my Dad didn’t do them, I would have zero clues how to get it done. I know now the basic forms he needs but as for how to get them into a format that R*vC*n will accept – no idea. I would likely just shove them into an envelope and mail it off and hope for the best.

 No, I wouldn’t REALLY do that. If I had to do my own taxes I would likely buy the software to do it myself, not understand any of it, and break down crying a few times and then shuffle off to one of those green cubes that appear in the mall every year. And then I would have to go back a million times because I forgot this form and that form. 

But luckily I have a wonderful Dad who does them for me. Even the year when I forgot that taxes were a thing until April 1st and then called him in a panic and spent the next 2 days frantically scanning documents in and emailing them to him, so he could stay up until 4 o’clock in the morning filing them for me. Seriously. I love my Dad. 

Additionally, I still sleep under a pile of laundry for a few days after I do laundry.

I eat cereal or toast for dinner A LOT.

I still don’t drive.

BUT there are other ways in which I am an adult.

I pay my credit card off every month

I’m paying down my student debt

I admit my mistakes and apologize for them

I eat my vegetables

So that right there is my problem with turning 30 soon. I am clearly not qualified for this milestone. Let’s just average out the mature and immature qualities and say that I am turning 25, shall we? Sounds good to me!


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