Princess Week

It is Princess Week here at GoldenGalsFashion! Why? Because this blog is our realm and we are the reigning princesses!

Actually, it is for no reason other than that we love princesses and we really really want to talk about them. We think that is reason enough.

Seriously though, there has been an influx of attention on princesses in the media lately, which has reignited and given fuel to our princess passions. Kate Middleton, Charlene Witstock, Zara Phillips, Crown Princess Victoria! And we would very much like to use this as an opprotunity to talk about all things royal.

Stephanie’s love of Princesses goes way back…

When I was a child, my mom bought a big poufy 80s wedding dress with those glorious puffy sleeves at a second hand store and I wore that thing for about 3 halloweens. Of course, I didn’t go trick or treating as a bride – I was a Princess! And, like every other little girl, I was quite enamored of all those Disney princesses – Aurora, Snow White, and my very favourite: Ariel.

I continued to love princesses – perhaps less fervently in my teens – and here I am, in my late-twenties, getting up at 4 in the morning to watch the royal wedding with a fascinator and a cuppa!

Irene’s princess fantasies are a little different from the norm

As a little girl I was too interested in My Little Pony and Puffalumps to have much time for princess play. My favourite Disney princess was (is) Belle, the bookish brown haired one, who was so headstrong and uninterested in being a princess that she almost doesn’t become one.

My interest in real life princesses started with Diana when I was 12 or 13. I don’t know when or why exactly she entered my conciousness but through her (and her swoon worthy son, I was 12 don’t judge) I discovered something awesome about modern princesses. They get to see the world ya’ll. They get to go places, and do things, and know people. What I saw then was that they could live a life of ultimate glamour while seeing the world and being meaningful. That is something that was appealing to me as a girl. Their lives are certainly complicated, a truth that has become more apparent as I’ve gotten older, and I think it is this complication of glamour and celebrity with duty and the ‘gilded cage’ that has kept me fascinated.

In the end I don’t really think we have to defend or qualify our fascination with royalty. Whether you love them or loath them or see a point to the institutions at all, it’s clear that we aren’t the only ones who find them interesting.

In the coming week we’ll talk about current princesses, explore the classics of days gone by, and think about what our own style might look like if our fairy tale dreams came true.


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